The Real Dragon Chapter 5949

  Charlie wade muttered, “But Zhou Japheth didn’t stay in Aurous Hill all the time waiting for me to break the predicament, he only came to Aurous Hill a month or so before the incident, that means that when he came to Aurous Hill, he knew what was going to happen behind him ……”   ”But, my … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 5948

  ”No problem.”   Charlie wade thanked Jasmine Moore and hung up the phone.   Seeing that his face was full of doubts, Lin Wan Er couldn’t help but ask, “What’s troubling Your Excellency right now?”   Charlie wade frankly said, “I just now suddenly thought of another point, at that time, that Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, it seems … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 5947

Charlie wade felt that his brain had short-circuited a little in this instant.   Nowadays, it seemed that Zhou Japheth’s probability was that he had been arranged by someone before appearing in Aurous Hill, and the person who had arranged for him was most likely his own father, who had already passed away twenty years ago. … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 5946

  Charlie wade then said, “Then I’ll work hard on Jasmine, ask for me, and send it to me as soon as possible after you find it.”   ”Okay Master Wade!”   Charlie wade hung up the phone, then said to Lin Wan Er, “When you get the information later on, I’ll be hardworking Miss Lin to send … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 5945

  Charlie wade forced down his inner tension and opened his mouth to ask, “Jasmine, I would like to ask the manager of Jiqing Hall called Zhou Japheth at the time, is he still working in the Moore family now?”   ”Not anymore.” Jasmine Moore subconsciously said, “Back then, he was very rude to you and your … Read more