The Real Dragon Chapter 6145

Kaoli Purt was an orphan left behind by illegal immigrants, and had been following Chan Shiu Chung in Chinatown to see more than enough of the humble and miserable lives of ordinary merchants here, and now that he had become the boss of the Chinese gang, it was a good thing that he wanted to … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 6144

Hank busily said, “More than search, we have quietly used the detector to the entire building, and all the courtyard area has been illuminated, for the time being there is no discovery.” Steve was a bit surprised and asked him, “That four-sided treasure building is metal, the detector didn’t find it, does it mean it’s … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 6143

At this moment, near the Zhou Family Manor. A large number of agents arranged by the Rothschild family were hiding and lurking around the Zhou family manor and inside the manor at this moment. They even bought another villa next to the Zhou Family Manor and used it as the command base for the operation. … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 71

Zhao Liya rather despised Li Tiezhu’s negative behaviour of not caring for his own cat, and then, happily asked Li Tiezhu to share the newly written “Learning to Bark”, softly sung to her. Ouch nice oh! Apt. The lyrics are quite realistic, and the tune is cheerful enough, tsk, tsk, Li Tiezhu is really a … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 70

Moths and snowy willows with golden strands Laughing and smelling darkly I’ve been looking for him for a thousand years. suddenly look back But he’s in the middle of the lights After singing an ancient song, Zhao Liya received applause from the entire audience, even the live streaming pop-up screen was filled with shouts of … Read more