The Rockstar Chapter 190

The director was a little stiff for a while, after all, Li Tiezhu attitude is really too tough and arrogant, it looks like he is really angry. It won’t really jump off the boat, right? Wang Tie uttered, “Tie Zhu, the water …… can be cold.” Li Tiezhu didn’t collapse and laughed: “Haha, huh? I, … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 189

East China Sea, Qingpu River, a certain pier. “Ah! How come you’re here first?” “What? Can’t I come first?” “You can come first.” A hidden camera records the conversation between Tide getting out of the car and the show’s staff. Guided by the staff, Tide boarded the yacht. The staff said, “I didn’t even recognise … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 188

Chen Chichi bitchily asked Li Tiezhu, “Is it nice? Tiezhu.” Li Tiezhu covered his eyes and shook his head decisively, “Not pretty.” On this side, Chen Chi Chi flirted with Li Tie Zhu: “It’s hard to see that you’re quite sincere about Zhu’er! You actually know how to avoid suspicion? Hello? Little Deer, your eyes … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 187

On the second day back in East China Sea, Li Tiezhu earned a wave of even better. From now on, no longer miss the days of moving bricks …… Electric Spirit held a session of the Dream-Three Kingdoms Cup beauty contest, aiming to select female character cos models for the game’s internal beta test starting … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 186

When Hou Xiaopei spoke, her eyes unabashedly revealed the light of greed, the female artists of the treasure island are accustomed to the large scale on the island programme, suddenly came to the mainland, a moment of time can not close the legs is normal. However, over the years, the mainland’s variety show scale has … Read more