The Rockstar Chapter 15

The “Big Fish” challenge initiated by Jitterbug was exceptionally popular. Those who participated were mostly spoofers who knew nothing about music, but there were also beginners who had learnt some music, and even some composition veterans who had been mixing with the music scene for many years. Everyone’s level varies, but it’s all about participation … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 14

Also receiving a 10,000-point blitz was a certain composer far away in Treasure Island, who had been serving a major mainland company since Treasure Island was reunified and he received his ID card twenty years ago. After switching off the TV, he dialled Xiao Zhen’s agent’s number with trepidation: “Hello? Have you all watched the … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 13

The director asked him to interview Li Tiezhu, the host had no choice but to hand the microphone to Li Tiezhu, he was now terrified of this guy, “May I ask, contestant Li Tiezhu, who has successfully progressed to the top 20 of the division, what do you have to say?” The other players began … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 12

Leng Ba couldn’t help but let out an oh, finally it’s time! Is it that strong? I like it! As a judge, Leng Ba was still a melon eater at heart. Don’t look at her face as a goddess, but in her private life, she was the kind of person who would stop and wave … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 11

Host: “The last group, who will advance and who will be pending? The judges must be having more headaches, and the audience should be most concerned about whether the serious brother who writes songs on the spot can advance, let’s ……” Li Tiezhu: “Go straight into the advert, aren’t you tired?” Host: “Er …… below, … Read more