The Real Dragon Chapter 6125

Saying this, grandchildren added, “And now the hardest hit area is the social software, almost all of them are discussing our matter, the situation is indeed very passive ……” Howard grimaced, his heart already going crazy with hatred. He very much regretted his earlier decision and phone call to Bruce to beg for reconciliation. If … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 6124

Howard was so shocked that he hurriedly opened his own mobile phone and logged into the short video platform wanting to see what was going on. When he clicked on Bruce’s No. Platform;” “So don’t be surprised when you see the big websites removing my videos, removing anything related to me, because that’s what Rothschild … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 6123

“Five hundred million dollars?” Bruce said disdainfully, “Howard, you are almost at the end of your life, this five hundred million dollars, or keep it to buy a coffin for yourself!” After saying that, he immediately hung up the phone and then unplugged the phone line directly. At this time, he realised that the original … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 6122

The Bruce of old was not so brave. However, Charlie wade’s psychological hints were really strong, and more importantly, Bruce’s heart did have a hatred for the Rothschild family. The reason why he was able to suppress all of his hatred in his heart before was entirely due to his fear of the Rothschild family. … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 6121

In the Rothschild family, a young man said in the video conference, “Grandpa, the short video platform has been developing extremely rapidly for more than a year, and it has a large user base all over the world, and although it hasn’t been listed yet, the current market value estimate given by the capital market … Read more