The Real Dragon Chapter 6142

After saying that, he didn’t wait for the other party to reply and directly hung up the phone. At this moment, the knock on the door sounded, and his eldest son, Steve Rothschild spoke respectfully outside the door, “Father, can I come in?” Howard was slightly stunned, then closed his eyes and sighed softly and … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 6141

As far as Howard was concerned, the Quadrangle was the backbone of the Rothschild family. With it in place, the Rothschild family is rich in all directions. Investment in any field can be rewarded, even in the chaos of the situation, always seize the fleeting opportunity. Without the Quadrilateral Treasure House, it would be difficult … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 60

“Four Clothesline Scrolls, hahaha! Nine in total, I took four alone, it’s a sure win this round! Thank you idol, have one no? Stuffed leeks.” Xiao Yueyue ordered a dumpling and ate it happily. Li Tiezhu shook his head, my great Xichuan people only like to eat copra, he was fully focused on returning Lord … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 59

This Double Celebration Noodle House is an average business with not many people around. However, when Li Tiezhu sat on the phone on Xiaoyueyue, I do not know where to drill out a large number of people, a huge piece of, to say the least, there are twenty or thirty. “Yoho! There are accomplices?” Li … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 58

“Sorry for offending you, Zhao Liya she …… just misunderstood, right? You did not bully me! It’s all my fault.” “Is this a matter of bullying or not? Is it wrong for me to bully you?” “Then what is the problem?” “Why did you …… start a rumour that I have a boyfriend? Didn’t I … Read more