The Real Dragon Chapter 3333

Hearing Charlie wade’s words, Corran was depressed to the extreme. He understood Charlie wade’s meaning, from now on, whether he lived in the Wade family or not, whether he stayed in Eastcliff or not, he, Charlie wade, had officially returned to the Wade family. Corran cursed in his heart, “This kid is a bit disgusting … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 3332

Stephen Thompson had already stepped down from the front car and quickly came to the door of the car where Charlie wade was, took the initiative to pull open the door and respectfully said, “Young Master Charlie, we have arrived.” Charlie wade nodded gently. He still didn’t rush to get out of the car, but … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 3331

As both the Wade family and the Gu(Sun) family had prepared a motorcade, Lord Orrin simply had the Gu(Sun) family’s motorcade follow as well, to help Charlie wade make more of an appearance. On the way to the Wade family, Stephen Thompson drove the car himself and gave Charlie wade a detailed report of what … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 3330

Lord Orrin nodded solemnly, “As you said, Charlie becoming the head of the Wade family is only the first step, avenging Brother Wade and Sister Ye and leading the Wade family to the top of the world is the ultimate goal! At that time, I, Lord Orrin, will also devote everything of my Gu(Sun) family … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 3329

Lord Orrin didn’t let the others follow, he got up by himself and went out the door. As soon as he saw Stephen Thompson, he quickly stepped forward to shake his hand and said with a smile, “Stephen! I haven’t seen you for a while! You’re in Eastcliff together, but you don’t come to see … Read more