The Real Dragon Chapter 3328

“Moreover, I believe that she has asked you two to follow me around not only to spy on me, but also to save me immediately and avoid being seen by the Wade family in case I suddenly have an attack, so if she knows about this, she will also blame you for not helping me … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 3327

Seeing Lord wade’s agreement, Helena was overjoyed and spoke almost without hesitation, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, I’ll go back and prepare now!” After saying that, she looked at the two dumbfounded maids and said, “Hurry up and follow me back!” Only then did the two of them come back to their senses, not having time … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 3326

As he was wondering, he suddenly saw a row of bloody teeth marks on Helena’s right middle finger, which made him realize in an instant! “I can’t believe I forgot what Little Feb said when he came to tell me that day, Charlie had told Helena to bite her right middle finger when she encountered … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 3325

Outside the resuscitation room at this time, the immediate family of the Wade family, as well as Helena’s two maids, were still waiting anxiously. Everyone had already decided that Helena was certain to die, so everyone was waiting for a clear message from inside. Lord wade had even instructed Feb wade to immediately send that … Read more

The Real Dragon Chapter 3324

The female doctor was startled, she did not expect that a dying patient would have such speed and strength. As she was wondering, she suddenly glanced at the monitor next to her and blurted out in utter shock, “Director! The patient’s blood pressure, heart rate and blood pressure indicators have all recovered!” As soon as … Read more