The Real Dragon Chapter 3241

Seeing Jerold’s anger, Charlie wade smiled and said with an emotional expression, “Aiya, I suddenly remembered that someone asked me a similar question more than a year ago, and she asked me at that time whether I was here to celebrate the birthday or to borrow money.

Jerold coldly rebuked, “If you can borrow money at someone’s birthday party, then you’re really f*cked up!”

Charlie wade sighed, “Yes, it’s quite f*cked up, who would want to borrow money on such an occasion unless they had to? But at that time, a life-saving benefactor was seriously ill and needed money urgently, so I had to go out of my way to try it shamelessly.”

Jerold’s expression eased a little and he said in a cold voice, “All right, no one wants to hear your story, let’s get straight to the point!”

Charlie wade smiled and spoke, “Okay, let’s get straight to the point. As I said earlier, a ceasefire between the two sides and your withdrawal are the prerequisites. On the basis of you meeting this precondition of ours, our second condition is that the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall must all get out of Syria!”

“F*ck!” Jerold’s entire body burst into a rage.

He stood up, his finger almost next to the tip of Charlie wade’s nose, and cursed through clenched teeth, “You’re f*cking kidding me? Not only did you tell us to withdraw our troops, you also told us to get out of Syria, who the hell gave you the courage to talk to me like that? You don’t take my Ten Thousand Dragons Temple too seriously!”

Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “I didn’t take your Ten Thousand Dragons Temple into account! I told you to get out of Syria because I didn’t want to kill too many of you and give you food to eat! I love you, baby! You’ve grown up so much, can’t you even understand this?”

Saying this, Charlie wade’s expression turned cold as he said, “Look at your Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, more than two thousand people died in one day, how else are you going to fight this battle?”

“Your 15,000 people staying here, feeding people and horses every day is a huge expense, how long can you last?”

“And we have enough supplies for 10,000 men to easily last a year! Tightening your belts to last a year and a half isn’t a problem!”

“We had enough weapons and ammunition to kill you ten or eight times, and then thanks to your 2,500 man transport, we now have enough weapons and ammunition to kill 15,000 of you eighteen or even twenty-eight times!”

“We have also captured a large number of incendiary grenades from your dead bunch, which will be enough to set your soldiers ablaze in pieces once you launch your charge!”

“By that time you, as the commander, will be at the foot of the mountain and will have witnessed ball after ball of burning fire rolling down the slope, and every single one of them, is a soldier of your Ten Thousand Dragon Hall!”

“So then you will see with your own eyes, your soldiers being burned black and piled up one by one by your own incendiary grenades all over the hillside, all over the foot of the mountain!”

“At that time, the whole valley will be filled with the smell of burnt human flesh, which may smell good, but you will only want to vomit when you smell it, and you may even want to vomit out your entire stomach!”

Speaking of this, Charlie wade sneered and shook his head, “Aiya, how ironic that such inhumane weapons were not prepared by us, but instead prepared and delivered to us by your own hands!”

At this moment, it was as if Jerold’s soul had been struck by a thunderbolt from heaven, and his entire body had been dumbfounded!

I don’t know why, but he, who was used to seeing the storm, was scared to death by Charlie wade’s words!

He had even imagined in his mind the scene of countless warriors of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, their bodies ablaze with fire, screaming in agony as they tumbled down the mountainside.