The Real Dragon Chapter 3254

Said asked in disbelief, “Master Wade, do you want Jerold to go to Hamid?”

“No.” Charlie wade said indifferently, “I still have use for this man, I want to take him away.”

Sayid knew that with Charlie wade’s divine ability, it was impossible for him to be Hamid’s military master, he thought it must be a great god-level figure that Hamid had moved from outside, so he hurriedly agreed and said, “Don’t worry, we will immediately conduct a surprise interrogation on him, and after fixing the evidence, I will personally send him to you at Hamid’s place!”

“Good.” Charlie wade nodded and added, “Go and call Jerold over, I will instruct him a few words.”

“Okay Master Wade, you wait a moment!”

At this moment, Jerold was experiencing the greatest pain and suffering of his life.

Watching with his own eyes his own brothers, completely betrayed by himself, and being tied up and dragged away by the enemy by the truckload, with their future uncertain, was too much for him to bear.

Every single soldier of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall threw the most vicious abuse and curses at him, and those pairs of angry eyes pierced his heart deeply.

He even wanted to close his eyes and not look into their resentful eyes, but he simply could not.

For even his eyelids were no longer under his control.

His consciousness was like a parasite inside his own body, able to feel everything, but unable to control anything.

His own body had become his strongest prison.

There was nothing under the sun more painful than this.

Just then, Said came to him and spoke, “Jerold, Grandmaster wade is looking for you, hurry over!”

When he heard the words Master Wade, Jerold’s consciousness was filled with fear, while his body, however, had already involuntarily moved his feet, and he ran towards the conference room immediately without half a second’s hesitation.

Darting to the conference room, Jerold felt his body bowing uncontrollably to Charlie wade and said respectfully, “Master Wade, what are your orders for me?”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “Later on, Sayid will take you to make a statement and a statement, you must cooperate with him completely and tell him all the unseemly deeds of your Ten Thousand Dragon Temple, do you understand?”

Although Jerold’s autonomous consciousness refused for ten thousand times, his body still said uncontrollably, “Yes Master Wade, I will cooperate fully”

Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and turned to Said, “Said, you remember to make sure to find someone from your team who is proficient in Chinese or English writing, take down all the transcripts in detail and form a paper document, when you send him to Hamid’s place, bring me a copy of the transcripts, I want to see them. ”

Said agreed without hesitation and said, “Don’t worry, Master Wade, we’ll try to get this all done in the fastest possible time, then I’ll take him and go over to see you!”

“Good.” Charlie wade stood up and said indifferently, “You go and arrange for a helicopter to take me to the place where we met before, I will go back and wait for you.”