The Real Dragon Chapter 3286

If only as a grandfather, he really did not want to force Charlie wade when his second son had pa*sed away so many years ago and he could not easily find out his grandson’s whereabouts.

It would not be a bad choice to let Charlie wade live his life happily.

That would be a good thing not only for Charlie wade himself, but also for his parents, who would be very relieved if they knew in heaven.

However, he was also aware of his other status: he was not only Charlie wade’s grandfather, but also the head of the Wade family.

Since he was the head of the Wade family, he had to put the interests of the Wade family at the core.

As a direct descendant of the Wade family, Charlie wade had to return to the Wade family and serve the interests of the Wade family.

What’s more, Charlie wade was the future son-in-law of the Gu(Sun) family, and from this point of view alone, Charlie wade was even more important to the Wade family.

Therefore, this time, Lord wade planned to do everything he could to keep Charlie wade as long as he was here, regardless of whether he was willing to return to the Wade family or not.

And this time, Lord wade had already made preparations.

He planned to arrange for some photographers to attend the ancestor worship ceremony in plain clothes on the day of the ceremony, and have them take some photos and videos of the ceremony, and then select the ones with the best results and give them to the media for release.

That way, not only could the strength and elegance of the Wade family be shown to the whole country, it would also expose Charlie wade along with other Wade family descendants.

He felt that once Charlie wade’s identity as the young master of the Wade family was exposed, then it would be impossible for him to return to his previous identity as the orphaned Charlie wade.

Thinking of this, he gathered his family together and spoke with unconcealed excitement, ”Haha, Charlie has already taken off to Eastcliff! He will arrive in Eastcliff in just over an hour! He has been away from home for almost twenty years and is finally coming back! This is a great fortune for my Wade family that has not happened in more than ten years!”

Christine, who originally still had a pleasant face, could not help but shiver when he heard the word Charlie.

Charlie wade’s eldest uncle, Corran, spoke up at this time, “Dad, that’s a bit harsh, of course it’s good that Charlie wade is back, but it’s not a great fortune for our Wade family that hasn’t happened in more than ten years!”

Lord wade laughed and said indifferently, “You don’t understand the potential in Charlie’s body.”

“I don’t understand?” Corran said with some disdain, “In the end, isn’t Charlie wade just making a small name for himself in Aurous Hill? It’s true, I heard that he has met a few people outside, but in the end, this is still not on the stage, you can see that he seems to be doing well in Aurous Hill, when he comes to Eastcliff, he really doesn’t have much chance, if Aurous Hill is a river, then Eastcliff is the sea, I’m afraid he won’t be able to adapt here at all.”

“Yes grandpa.” Corran’s son and Charlie wade’s cousin, Feb, also spoke up at this time, “Grandpa, I know that you want Charlie wade to return to the Wade family and also have high hopes for Charlie wade, but I’ll be honest, in this circle in Eastcliff, there really isn’t much room for Charlie wade to develop.”

Saying that, he continued his analysis with a serious face, “You just take the circle I usually play in, which one of us has not studied overseas for many years and seen a lot of things? Most of them have stayed in the United States, the United Kingdom, or at least Australia, and in terms of education, a master’s degree is just an introduction, and many of them are PhDs in economics and management, but Charlie wade only went to university for one year and doesn’t even have a university diploma, how can he integrate into these circles when he comes to Eastcliff?”

Feb’s cousin, Jackson, who is also Charlie wade’s cousin, echoed, “Yes, Grandpa, although Charlie wade is a member of the Wade family, in the end, he is only related to the Wade family in terms of bloodline, but the rest, basically, does not fit in!”

“Let me put it bluntly, he is a complete low-end person in front of the Wade family, I think you should not have too much hope for him, because the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment!”