The Real Dragon Chapter 3333

Hearing Charlie wade’s words, Corran was depressed to the extreme.

He understood Charlie wade’s meaning, from now on, whether he lived in the Wade family or not, whether he stayed in Eastcliff or not, he, Charlie wade, had officially returned to the Wade family.

Corran cursed in his heart, “This kid is a bit disgusting when he gets like this ……”

However, in front of the old man, he did not dare to say a word.

So, he could only say with a smile, “Fine, fine! It’s good to be back!”

The old man turned to introduce Charlie wade to his third uncle Myles, fourth uncle Japheth, as well as his aunt Christine and youngest aunt Mabel.

When Christine was introduced, Christine’s expression was very attentive and said with an excited face, “Charlie, auntie has waited for you for so many years, and you’ve finally come back! Your parents’ spirits in heaven will be so relieved!”

He said, choking back a few fake sobs, but there were no tears flowing down his face.

Charlie wade had already gotten used to Christine’s behavior. After all, Christine was the daughter of the noble Wade family, and in the current fashionable language, she was definitely an old princess.

The old princess had been arrogant and domineering all her life and had never had to bow down to anyone, so it was understandable that her acting skills were not very good at the moment.

After all, an old princess like this would not have the energy to study and improve her acting skills.

Charlie wade could also see that she had tried her best to act, but her tears were really not obedient.

So, Charlie wade also smiled faintly and said politely, “Thank you, aunt.”

It was Mabel, the youngest aunt who had not spoken, who had not said a word but whose eyes were already red.

By the time Elder Wade introduced her, she could not hold back her tears, pulling Charlie wade’s hand while crying and choking, “Charlie, this time when you come back, don’t ever leave again ……”

Looking at his little aunt, who was about forty years old in front of him, Charlie wade couldn’t help but recall his childhood in his heart.

Little aunt Mabel was a whole round older than himself, and when he was small, he was a child and she was an older child.

Back then, he was very clingy to her because she would take him with her every day after school to play.

And she in turn was very clingy to her dad, because of the several older siblings, she had the best relationship with him.

And Charlie wade’s father also doted on his youngest sister the most back then, basically treating her like a daughter and giving her whatever she wanted, so although the two siblings were quite different in age, they did have a very cordial relationship.

As far as Charlie wade could remember, her younger sister was very lively and cheerful and did not have as many petty thoughts as Christine.

At that time, Christine got close to Corran and deliberately distanced herself from his father, Bruce wade.

The reason for this was that Christine felt that the future heir of the Wade family would definitely be Corran, who was the eldest son, so she had already developed a sense of standing in line early on.

It was Mabel, on the contrary, who had never had those complicated thoughts.

When Charlie wade followed his parents to leave home, his younger aunt Mabel was attending school abroad, and Charlie wade’s memory of her was still stuck in the image of when she graduated from high school and everyone sent her abroad.

At that time, she was still a young girl, but now, she had reached her age of confusion.

Seeing his little aunt’s true feelings, Charlie wade couldn’t help but feel a sigh of relief in his heart and said respectfully, “Little aunt, don’t worry, I’ve come back this time to acknowledge my ancestors, and even if I leave Eastcliff temporarily in the future, I won’t break off my ties with the Wade family.”

With these words, Charlie wade’s meaning was already very clear.

After he returned to the Wade family this time, he would definitely still have to return to Aurous Hill, but he had already officially acknowledged his ancestors and would officially become a part of the Wade family’s direct lineage again in the future.

When they heard these words, Lord wade and Mabel were naturally happy, but when the others heard them, they were all very upset in their hearts.

This statement by Charlie wade about acknowledging his ancestors meant that there would be another competitor in the future battle for the family fortune.

After the old man led Charlie wade to greet the elders one by one, the rest were those who were Charlie wade’s equals.

The oldest was Feb wade, followed by Jackson, and several other relatively young siblings.

Apart from Feb wade and Jackson, the rest of the rich second generation, who had been brought up well, did not feel much for Charlie wade, a relative who had been away from home for twenty years, and everyone just exchanged a few superficial pleasantries.