The Real Dragon Chapter 3370

Hearing Charlie wade’s question, Zayne could not help but let out a bitter smile and said, “I know of Mr. Wade’s skills ……”

After saying that, he looked at Jerold beside him and said with a bitter smile, “Isn’t this one one of the Four Great Battle Kings of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall? It is said to be the one whose strength is second only to that of Broken Army, but in front of Mr. Wade, he may not last even one face to face, so it seems that Broken Army is just a mantis in front of you, Mr. Wade ……”

Charlie wade smiled faintly, looked at Jerold at the side and asked him, “Jerold, how is the strength of your Hall Master?”

Jerold said respectfully, “The Hall Master is an eight-star martial artist, his strength is quite a bit higher than mine.”

Charlie wade nodded and asked again, “Then, who do you think is a little stronger, the two of us?”

Jerold said without thinking, “It must be you who is stronger …… Although my strength is not as strong as that of the Hall Master, I can at least fight the Hall Master head on for dozens of rounds, but I am powerless in front of you ……”

All along, Jerold’s consciousness had been sealed by Charlie wade, and what he did or said was mostly unspoken.

But this time, his own consciousness and his own body, surprisingly, were in complete agreement.

Although he did not know exactly what divine power Charlie wade had used, he was able to seal his own consciousness completely directly.

But he knew that Charlie wade’s methods were more than one realm higher than martial arts.

The gap was as insurmountable as the gap between a cold weapon and a hot weapon.

Hearing what Jerold said, Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “An eight-star martial artist, that’s not easy, Wan Bajun should have suffered a lot in these past twenty years in order to reach this level of cultivation, right?”

Jerold nodded and said, “Hall Master is a rare martial arts genius in the world, and with the guidance of his ancestor behind him, his starting point is much higher than most martial artists, and Hall Master is determined to avenge his parents, in order to achieve this goal, he practiced for three nines in winter and three volts in summer, practicing eighteen hours a day for twenty years, and only then did he achieve his current strength. ”

Charlie wade laughed blandly, “After enduring twenty years of suffering humiliation, in the end, only to carry his parents’ coffin to his death, when you think about it, his fate is really quite miserable.”

After saying that, he looked at Zayne and said with a smile, “Mr Banks, have a good rest tonight, you have to get up early tomorrow to meet this nephew of yours, so I won’t bother you much.”

Zayne couldn’t help but shiver.

Then, Charlie wade looked at Lord He and ordered, “Old Mr. He, send them to Wade Ling Mountain by seven o’clock tomorrow morning, I will be waiting on Wade Ling Mountain at that time.”

Lord He immediately clasped his hands together and said respectfully, “Please rest a*sured, Mr. Wade, early tomorrow morning, I will personally deliver these two to Wade Ling Mountain!”

Charlie wade nodded and smiled faintly, “Thank you all for your hard work, after tomorrow, Charlie wade will have a great gift to give!”

Zayne said incomparably flustered, “Mr. Wade …… The broken army does not know your true face, please let him live tomorrow on the grounds that he only wants to avenge his parents and has extenuating circumstances ……”

Charlie wade sneered: “Mr. Banks, you have to bear the consequences of doing wrong, this truth, you have lived for fifty years, don’t you still understand?”

Saying that, Charlie wade added: “If you hadn’t taken the lead in forming the Anti-Wade Alliance back then, you would have had a wife and children in a hot bed by now, instead of being locked up here by me!”

Zayne said nervously, “Mr. Wade, that’s not what I meant …… I am thinking that this child, Broken Army, has had a difficult life …… He is also desperate for revenge for his parents, and it is justifiable ……”

Charlie wade said coldly, “His parents both died by suicide, what revenge does he have to take? Besides, if he wants to avenge his parents, he has to pick up my parents’ graves, what kind of reason is that? Before I kill him tomorrow, I will step on his head and ask him who taught him that!”

Zayne was frightened and wanted to say something, but when the words came to his lips, he hurriedly swallowed them back.

He knew that Wan Breaking Jun had P*ssed Charlie wade off too thoroughly this time ……

The fact is that the boy could have come to the Wade family and confronted them face to face, or had a contest, but why did he let it slip that he wanted to raze the graves of the Bruce wade’s couple?

If this is not a death wish, what is it?

Charlie wade said indifferently: “Mr. Banks, you’d better pray to heaven that your family is not involved in this matter! Otherwise, no matter who is involved, I, Charlie wade, will never be soft!”