The Real Dragon Chapter 3376

Their intention was that, in case the old man really did not give in when the time came, everyone would change their mourning clothes and fall back on the spot, while agreeing to all the demands of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

In any case, life was most important.

The first thing to do is to gather everyone to go to Wade Ling Mountain and pin all hopes on Charlie wade.


At six twenty, Charlie wade got into Stephen Thompson’s car, while the three members of the Gu(Sun) family were driven by Lord Orrin himself in another car, and together they headed to Wade Ling Mountain.

After driving, Stephen Thompson said to Charlie wade, “Young master, last night, young master Feb and young master Jackson, as well as your fourth uncle and great aunt, all quietly slipped out, and my men followed them all the way and found that they had all bought varying amounts of mourning clothes from different places.”

Charlie wade grunted and spoke, “Good, once I’ve finished with Wan Bajun, I’ll punish and discipline them, the unworthy sons of the Wade family, in front of their ancestors!”

Stephen Thompson added, “Young master, there is another thing, it’s the members of the side line of the Wade family over at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, since yesterday afternoon, they have been fleeing one after another, and by now they have basically all run away.”

Charlie wade nodded gently and said without concern, “This is all to be expected, it’s fine, when I take over the Wade family, I will settle this score with them properly.”

Saying that, Charlie wade asked again, “Right, Butler Stephen, these side branches, are they still related to the Wade family in business?”

“Of course.” Stephen Thompson busily said, “Most of their business is related to the Wade Group, most of them are suppliers or distributors below us, and at least half of their profits come from the Wade Group.”

Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and said, “That’s much better, in this society nowadays, not many people still care about family honor, so we have to jam them in the neck in terms of profit to make them behave.”


Six forty-five minutes.

The morning after the rain carried a bit of a chill.

Charlie wade rode in Stephen Thompson’s car and drove into the gates of Wade Ling Mountain.

At this moment, outside the main gate, more than thirty middle-aged men with somewhat graying hair, uniformly dressed in black suits, stood in three rows in the middle of the road.

The oldest of these thirty men looked to be in their sixties, while the youngest was in his forties.

They looked solemn and solemn, while at the same time carrying a bit of a death defying look.

When Stephen Thompson’s car arrived, the thirty-odd people immediately dodged to the sides and made way for a pa*sage.

Charlie wade suddenly discovered that one of the thirty people outside was the director of the original Aurous Hill Welfare Institute!

He was also one of Stephen Thompson’s men. Charlie wade knew that he had been transferred to the orphanage as its director not long after he had entered the orphanage, and had only left some time ago, having worked there for nearly twenty years.

After recognising the director, Charlie wade asked Stephen Thompson, “Butler Stephen, these are all my father’s men from back then, right?”

Stephen Thompson nodded, “That’s right, they are all of them.”

Charlie wade said, “Stop the car quickly.”

Stephen Thompson immediately stopped the car.

Before Stephen Thompson could get down and open the door for himself, Charlie wade had already pushed open the car door and stepped out.

A group of people outside, seeing that it was Charlie wade who had arrived, were all surprised and excited, and many of them were already in tears.

“Young master! You’ve come back!”

“Young master! It’s really you ……”

“Young master ……”

The people were all a bit emotional for a while.

Unlike the orphanage’s Director Zhang, the others, hadn’t seen Charlie wade again for so many years.

Although they knew that Charlie wade had been living in Aurous Hill, they had not seen him since they were on the principle of not venturing to disturb him.

But, after all, Charlie wade looked too much like his father, Bruce wade.

Therefore, as soon as Charlie wade stepped out of the car, everyone immediately recognised his identity.

As Charlie wade saw each and every one of these elders with red eyes, he felt a layer of mist clouding his eyes as well.

Immediately afterwards, he looked at the crowd and knelt down on one knee, clasped his hands in a fist and said in a loud, incomparably serious voice: “Uncles and uncles, you have worked so hard all these years! Please accept Charlie wade’s obeisance!”