The Real Dragon Chapter 3387

This made Lord wade not only shocked, but also a little ashamed.

He was ashamed because he had made a wide range of friends over the years, but he had never expected that no one would rush to help him at a critical moment.

Compared to Charlie wade, his own popularity was simply poor to the extreme!

And at this moment, Charlie wade’s heart was indeed very moved.

While being touched, he also said helplessly to Ito Nana-chan, Jasmine and the others, “Gentlemen, it’s just a small matter, I didn’t want to alarm you all, but I didn’t expect that you would have to come all the way here, so I’m really sorry.”

Jasmine hurriedly asked, “Master Wade, we have received a lot of favours from you in general, how can we stand by and do nothing in this situation ……”

Charlie wade couldn’t help but ask, “How did you guys guess my identity? Whose credit is it?”

Jasmine spat out her tongue and pointed at Ito Nana-chan and said, “Nana-chan guessed it, but originally it was just a guess, and then after it was corroborated through other things, we rushed over.”

Charlie wade suddenly came back to his senses and said offhandedly, “It was that phone call you made to me yesterday that helped you guys corroborate it, right? I think I told you on the phone that I was in Eastcliff reading feng shui for someone else.”

Jasmine said awkwardly, “Yes …… Master Wade you mustn’t be angry, I didn’t mean to test you either, I was just too curious about your identity, so I ……”

On the side, Ito Nana-chan was full of shame and hurriedly said delicately, “Charlie wadejun, please don’t blame sister Jasmine, it was all my idea, I authorized sister Jasmine to do so ……”

Charlie wade smiled faintly and said seriously, “How could it be, all of you have come so far for me, how could I have any intention of blaming.”

Ito Nanaeko sighed with relief, and was busy asking, “Charlie wade-kun, are you sure about today’s matter?”

Charlie wade nodded and smiled, speaking, “Of course, I, Charlie wade, never fight a battle that I am not sure of.”

Saying that, Charlie wade looked at the Japanese ninjas and the Moore family’s men standing in neat rows not far behind her, and spoke, “Nana-chan, have all the ninjas you have with you stay out of the way later; Jasmine, the same goes for your men over there! Just watch behind me silently.”

Jasmine couldn’t help but say, “Master Wade …… You …… What are you trying to do ……”

Charlie wade laughed lightly, “If I even have to find helpers to deal with a mere Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, then do I still have such a face to be called Grandmaster Wade by you all?”

At this time, the Wade family no longer knew what to say.

Feb wade, Jackson and the others had lost the urge to even sigh inwardly.

What was the best thing to say? They felt that Charlie wade had already finished pretending to be all the P***ies that could be pretended in this world.

What else is a mere ten thousand dragon hall ……

That tone of voice was as if the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple was not a top mercenary organization but a three-year-old child.

Lord wade’s scalp also tingled, and he was really afraid that all these helpers Charlie wade had found would not help when the time came, so his heart, which had just relaxed, became incomparably apprehensive again ……

The time came at seven forty in the morning.

A funeral procession could already be seen at the foot of the mountain on the road that only leads to Wadeling Mountain.

This procession of about a hundred people, each one dressed in white mourning clothes, and the eight people at the head of the procession were carrying two coffins, and were running rapidly towards Wade Ling Mountain!

The corners of Charlie wade’s mouth rose slightly when he saw this scene.

“Wan Bajun, ah Wan Bajun, you’ve finally arrived!”