The Real Dragon Chapter 3394

The most powerful aspect of a martial artist is their internal power. As their internal power increases, their physical strength, agility and the strength of their strikes increase geometrically.

It was because internal force was a martial artist’s origin power that every martial artist had to transport internal force to their hands and feet before attacking in order to exert their strongest fighting power.

However, Lu Haotian did not know that Charlie wade did not need the so-called internal force at all.

At this moment, his body was filled with spiritual energy, and this kind of energy was an existence that martial artists could not even touch.

Thus, he yawned and said to Lu Haotian, “You’re really too inquisitive, if you want to fight, just fight, what’s the point of jabbering one sentence at a time?”

“Gra*s!” Lu Haotian was humiliated by Charlie wade in public, he was already furious to the extreme, he gritted his teeth and said, “I’m f*cking nice enough to let you make the first move, but you still don’t f*cking appreciate it, since that’s the case, don’t blame me for not being merciful!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Lu Haotian immediately attacked Charlie wade!

The strength of a six-star martial artist was no mean feat, and Lu Haotian suddenly struck out, his figure so fast that everyone on Charlie wade’s side could not even see it clearly.

With his speed and strength, this punch made a sound that broke the air, and it was fierce and vicious!

This was the power of a six-star martial artist, and a four-star martial artist like Lord He could not help but be filled with despair deep inside his heart just by looking at him.

The ninjas from the four great clans of Japan were also completely frozen at this moment, the strength displayed in just one move by Lu Hao Tian was already more than one level beyond them!

Everyone immediately looked towards Charlie wade, they wanted to know what kind of method Charlie wade was planning to use to deal with such a fierce attack.

However, beyond everyone’s expectation, Charlie wade did not move at all.

Even though he saw Lu Haotian’s right fist, fiercely attacking Charlie wade’s chest.

The cracking sound of the heavy fist was like a whistling cannonball, causing everyone’s expressions to tighten.

Seeing that he was exerting all his strength, Wan Bajun was afraid that he would kill Charlie wade with one punch, so he subconsciously shouted, “Hao Tian, leave him ……”

Wan Bajun wanted to say leave him alive, but before he could say the word “life”, he was immediately stunned by the sight before him!

Only to see that Lu Haotian’s right fist, which had by now struck a full force blow, suddenly stopped at a position less than twenty centimeters from Charlie wade’s chest.

Neither the people behind Lu Haotian nor the people behind Charlie wade saw that Lu Haotian’s right fist had been tightly grasped by Charlie wade with one hand at this moment!

And at that moment, Lu Haotian’s expression had been appalled to the core!

On his ferocious face, the shock and trepidation of a three-year-old child appeared.

He couldn’t understand why his full strength strike would be so easily grabbed by Charlie wade.

And what was even more outrageous was that the moment he was grabbed by him, the force of thousands of pounds gathered on his arm had disappeared out of thin air.

This feeling was like a person jumping from a height of 10,000 metres, and as the acceleration of gravity became stronger and stronger, the speed and strength also became stronger and stronger.

However, just as the speed and strength reached the extreme, the whole person suddenly fell into a state of weightlessness similar to that in space, the difference between the before and after was so great that it simply turned common sense upside down!

Everyone, including Wan Breaking Army, was also shocked beyond belief!

Everyone could see that Lu Hao Tian’s punch was a thousand pounds strong!

Wan Bajun was even afraid that he would shatter Charlie wade’s internal organs with one punch!

However, this attack, which was like Mars hitting the earth, was silently dissipated by Charlie wade with a single lift of his hand. …… This was unimaginable!

Before anyone could understand what this was all about, Charlie wade laughed contemptuously and shouted coldly at Lu Haotian, “Rubbish! You’re a big old man, why are you still as weak as a woman? Use all your mother’s strength for me! Come again!”