The Real Dragon Chapter 3396

This was because, what he was using now, was the strongest move in his martial arts technique, the Divine Tiger Fist, the Divine Tiger Out of the Mountain.

The reason why Lu Haotian was called the White Tiger King was because of his practice of the Divine Tiger Fist.

The most powerful attack in the Divine Tiger Fist is this move, Divine Tiger Out of the Mountain.

Its greatest feature is that it can quickly raise one’s internal strength by at least fifty percent.

However, this technique is not something that can be used casually.

This is because such a drastic overdraft will bring about a very strong backlash on the user.

Lightly, it will take many days for the body to slowly repair itself, and during this repair process, the user can only exert half of his or her own strength.

In the severe case, it will cause the user’s cultivation to drop, and it may even take a year or two to recover this part of the cultivation.

Therefore, this move is Lu Haotian’s life-saving technique, and he would never use it easily unless his life was in danger and he had to go all out to fight.

At this moment, Lu Haotian had actually used this move directly, which showed that he had already decided to fight for his life with Charlie wade!

Moreover, Wan Bajun knew very well that the strength of Lu Hao Tian’s move was so strong that even he did not dare to take it head-on, otherwise he would most likely be seriously injured.

If Lu Haotian still couldn’t take Charlie wade with this move, then it was basically certain that Charlie wade’s strength was even higher than his own.

Then, he would have kicked the real iron plate today.

At this moment, Lu Haotian did not care anymore.

The humiliation Charlie wade had inflicted on him was far beyond his mental capacity.

It was enough to insult himself, but he had even slapped himself directly in the face, and in front of all the core members of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, so he had to get this face back even if he had to die!

Charlie wade also felt the changes in his body within a short period of time, and found that the internal strength in his body had increased tremendously in an instant.

However, Charlie wade remained unmoved.

Because, even if a mole was strong, it was still a mole.

At this moment, Lu Haotian’s bones were suddenly swollen by the powerful internal force, as if his entire body had instantly expanded by one size, and even the mourning clothes on his body were propped up by countless slits.

Just as everyone was dumbfounded, Lu Hao Tian suddenly bowed his body, like a fierce tiger descending from a mountain, and rushed towards Charlie wade!

The speed and strength was even stronger than the punch he had just thrown!

Before the people behind Charlie wade could even regain their senses, they felt a strong wind wrapped in sand and dirt blowing towards them.

The crowd subconsciously closed their eyes, but even so, the tiny grains of sand hit their faces, causing them a pain.

Just when the gust of wind had pa*sed and they were ready to open their eyes to see what was going on, they found that the scene they had just witnessed had repeated itself.

Charlie wade had once again grabbed Lu Haotian’s fist.

And, this time, Charlie wade used only one hand to grab both of Lu Hao Tian’s fists!

All these people behind Charlie wade had not seen Charlie wade’s movements just now, and did not know exactly how Charlie wade had managed to do it.

However, all of this was clear to Wan Bajun and the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall behind him.

Just now, Lu Haotian’s two fists came out in unison and pounced on Charlie wade like a fierce tiger.

But to his surprise, his originally thunderous fists were as powerless as the fists of a three-year-old child in front of Charlie wade.

With just one easy fetch, Charlie wade grabbed both of his fists in a deadly grip.

A second ago, Lu Haotian was a tiger hunting with all his might.

One second later, Lu Haotian had changed from a tiger hunting for food to a pet cat that was completely immobilised by his master’s deadly grip on his two front paws!

Charlie wade raised his eyes at this moment and sneered, “I heard that you were called the White Tiger King, I thought you were really a tiger, but I never expected that! You’re not even as good as Hello Kitty, you’re the worst of the worst!”