The Real Dragon Chapter 3419

Charlie wade’s words startled Lord Banks.

      The more frightened he was, the louder he roared, ”On what grounds?! I have been the Banks family head for so many years, why should I not be if you say I am not anymore?! Who are you to interfere with the affairs of my Banks Family? I am the master of the Banks Family, and I have to be the one to decide on all the affairs of the Banks Family!”

      Charlie wade said disdainfully, “Of course I’m not qualified to meddle in the affairs of your Banks Family, but you’re now in Wade Lingshan, I can’t control the Banks Family, but I can control you!”

      Lord Banks stiffened his head and said, “You can’t control me either! I’m free to come and go, who are you to control me?”

      Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “Just because you came to my Wade Ling Mountain of the Wade Family today in mourning! If you hadn’t come, I wouldn’t have given you a hard time, and if the Banks family still had any discontent in the future, we would have had plenty of opportunities to have a real competition in various fields, but your mistake is that you took the initiative to send yourself to the door, and since you are here, everything is up to me!”

      With that, he shouted sternly he pointed his finger towards Zara and said to Lord Banks, “Lord Banks! I now give you two choices, first, legally pa*s the family headship to Zara, then you yourself go to the Maldives and find an island to retire, when you die, when you come back in a coffin!”

      At this point, Charlie wade’s voice rose sharply and he sneered, “The second option is that I will immediately send you to Syria with your eldest son Zayne, but I have to remind you that the quality of life there is no match for the Maldives, and don’t worry, with my connections there, you won’t be able to come back alive, and even if you die, you won’t be able to return. .”

      Lord Banks’s heart suddenly stuttered and he subconsciously blurted out, “You …… You’re kidnapping! Do you know that I am an elite figure of great renown all over the world? You dare to kidnap me?”

      Charlie wade laughed, “I don’t care to kidnap a bad old man like you.”

      After saying that, he looked at Wan Bajun and spoke, “Go back and arrange for someone to send him to Hamid, and I will also say hello to the government forces at that time, so that they can release the captured generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.”

      Wan Breaking Jun immediately said respectfully, “My subordinate obeys my orders!”

      Charlie wade then looked at Lord Banks and spoke, “As you can see, I, Charlie wade, have always been law-abiding, how could I possibly kidnap a bad old man like you? But if the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall strikes, then you’ll have to fend for yourself.”

      ”I ……” Lord Banks instantly trembled with fear and blurted out, “Charlie wade …… You …… You are simply shameless! You are not as bright and open as your father Bruce wade was back then! If your father were here today, he would certainly not make things difficult for an old man like me!”

      Charlie wade said sternly with a cold expression, “My father was too open and honest back then, that’s why he was targeted by your gang of trash.

      After saying that, Charlie wade said with some impatience, “Since you’re so f*cking full of crap, I’ll a*sume that you’ll choose the second one.”

      Then, he said to a few of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall soldiers, “You guys give him to me, tie him up, and when you get to Syria and hand him over to Hamid, tell Hamid not to untie him either, just set up a pillar at the top of the mountain and trap him naked on it, and eat, drink, Sh*t and sleep on it!”

      Several generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall immediately said respectfully, “My subordinates obey my orders!”

      When Lord Banks heard this, he couldn’t help but shiver and blurted out, “I’m not going to Syria! I won’t go!”

      Charlie wade said impatiently, “Gag him first, and then tie him to the Chinese white jade pillar of the pagoda! Tomorrow, pack him up and send him away with Zayne!”

      When Zayne heard this, he was terrified and said hurriedly, “Dad! You can’t go to Syria, that place is a poor mountain nest and there’s constant fighting every day, it’s 10,000 times more painful than going to jail!”