The Real Dragon Chapter 3425

Naturally, Zayne could not figure out now what Charlie wade’s intentions were deep inside.

All he knew now was that he could basically be relieved.

Even if he was being watched by He’s family living in Aurous Hill, it would definitely be 18,000 times better than Syria.

Therefore, he was now so ecstatic that he could not hurry to Aurous Hill.

Deep inside, Zara was incomparably grateful to Charlie wade at this time.

In her heart, he sighed, “I really didn’t expect that my benefactor would, today, repay his grievances with virtue and give the Banks family a good outcome that far exceeded my expectations ……”

“Grandpa can leave Wade Lingshan safely, dad can also return to the country to live out his old age in secret, and I, too, can officially take over the Banks family and become the head of the Banks family ……”

“Just when Your Eminence killed the two Battle Kings of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall with a snap of his fingers, I was still thinking that I was afraid that Grandpa would die here today ……”

“But to my surprise, Your Grace would even leave him alive! This is indeed an example of repaying grievances with virtue ……”

But Zara also knew very well that Charlie wade should have left his grandfather alive for his own betterment in taking over the Banks family.

After all, the majority of the Banks family’s equity was in the old man, and all the voting rights were also in him, he was the head of the Banks family, and moreover the actual controller of all the Banks family’s properties.

If he died today, then the next step for the Banks family would inevitably be to distribute the inheritance according to the order of succession.

Although his father was the eldest son, he was also restricted in his freedom by Charlie wade, and the second uncle was in the same situation at the moment.

Under such circumstances, the Banks family, without its main backbone, would inevitably be torn apart.

Once divided, it would be difficult for anyone to bring the Banks family back together.

However, Charlie wade used the condition of sparing the old man’s life in exchange for the old man willingly and legally handing over all his shares and control, so that Zara would be able to take over the Banks family with ease.

Once Zara is in control, no one will be able to threaten her position as the head of the family.

If anyone in the Banks family dared to disobey, Zara could even directly drive him out of the Banks family and the Banks Group’s business system.

When she thought of how much Charlie wade had helped her, the gratitude within Zara’s heart had long been beyond anything she could add.

At this moment, there was a pair of eyes in the crowd that were looking at Charlie wade with hot eyes.

This person was Helena, who had been standing in the crowd behind Charlie wade.

She did not expect that Charlie wade would be so powerful, and even more so, she did not expect that Charlie wade would be able to make Zara sit on the Banks family’s throne smoothly with a few words.

This made her think of what Charlie wade had said before, and she not only sighed, “Charlie wade said that he could make me sit as the Nordic Queen, originally I still had some uncertainty in my heart, but now, I am already sure that Charlie wade will be able to do it!”

At this moment, her heart was filled with the urge for revenge, and she was already looking forward to the moment when she would become empress and trample Olivia back under her feet.

However, at this moment, Charlie wade did not focus on Helena’s body.

He said to Zayne and Lord Banks, “The two of you, one of you organised the Anti-Wade Alliance back then, and the other of you rushed up to Wade Ling Mountain today wearing mourning, can be spared from a deadly crime but cannot escape from a living one, so now both of you go and kneel in front of my parents’ spirit! Kneel until this time tomorrow morning!”

Lord Banks’s heart only trembled slightly, but once he thought that he would only be kneeling for one day and one night and that there would be no other additional punishment, he felt a lot more at ease.

He also knew very well that Charlie wade could not send himself to Madagascar so painfully, and this punishment seemed acceptable to him.

Zayne was the same.

He had been prepared to kneel and repent in front of Bruce wade and his wife’s spirit before he came, and Charlie wade had let himself kneel for a day and a night, but it was not beyond expectation.

At this moment, Charlie wade looked at Wan Bajun and the other soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and said indifferently, “You have disturbed the ancestral ritual of the Wade family and the peace of the ancestors of the Wade family today, so you are also exempted from the crime of death but not from the crime of life.

Wan Bajun said respectfully, “My subordinates obey!”

With the word “subordinate”, it was like Wan Bajun had re-defined himself.

The other generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall also immediately said in their voices, “My subordinates obey orders!”

Charlie wade nodded his head, looked at Wan Bajun and spoke, “Remember, after the kneeling is over, I will give you three days off, you use these three days to choose a feng shui site in Eastcliff and re-hide your parents’ scenery in a big way, then after the funeral is over, bring your people along to meet me in Aurous Hill!”

Wan Bajun, who was kneeling in front of Charlie wade, was even more grateful to Charlie wade when he heard these words.

In his heart, he had never known what Charlie wade would do next with his parents’ coffins.

Although Charlie wade had explicitly said that he would not bury his parents in ashes, Charlie wade had spared his own life after all, so whether he would still let himself put his parents in the ground became the biggest worry in his heart.