The Real Dragon Chapter 3437

But today, none of the staff members who had agreed to do the job came.

      Everyone knew that the Wade family was going to suffer a disaster today, so everyone avoided it.

      Not to mention these paid actors and actresses, even the 700-odd members of the Wade family branch had all run away, leaving only Jim wade alone.

      So, this time, the ancestral ritual had to cut out many processes.

      Music, songs, dances and rituals were all omitted, and the only thing left was the rituals performed by the Wade family themselves.

      Lord wade held the sacrificial text he had written overnight for many days, and while shedding tears, he sighed: “This sacrificial text, written all about the Wade family’s prosperity, unity and renewed glory, is a report I have prepared to the Wade family’s ancestors ……”

      At this point, Lord wade let out a long sigh and said with a sigh of relief, “But who would have thought that today, all 700 members of the Wade family’s side line would be absent! And my first son and grandson, Lord wade’s first son and grandson, are even wearing mourning for others! I …… I am so ashamed of my ancestors that I don’t even have the face to read out this sacrificial text ……”

      ”Moreover, the process of ancestor worship that was originally prepared has now almost come to a halt, and I don’t know how to explain to the ancestors ……”

      Lord wade said, suddenly a little emotional, a few times choked up, it is difficult to continue.

      He was a man with deep family feelings, at least much stronger than those sons of the Wade family who were kneeling in place.

      It was particularly hard for him to think of the once-in-12-years ancestral ritual being so shabby and depressed.

      When he thought of the more than 100 ancestors of the Wade family lying here, his feelings were even more painful.

      He had long since pa*sed the age of knowing his destiny, and at this age, an old man cherishes life more and reveres his deceased ancestors more.

      Even for those who were fearless and faithless when they were young, when they reach the end of their lives, they can’t help but think of their parents and their ancestors, and whether they will see them in the other world after they die, and if they do, how they should face them.

      The Wade family almost bowed their heads in shame when they saw the way the old man was choking up.

      On the other hand, Charlie wade took the sacrificial paper he had written and tore it to shreds, speaking with a resolute face, “Grandpa, since the sacrificial paper is inappropriate, then just tear it up, there is no need to blame yourself too much.”

      As he said, Charlie wade added, “As the saying goes, many difficulties make a nation, and the same is true for a family! This ancestral ritual is a bit shabby and simple, but it has also allowed us to recognize the true nature of many of our so-called relatives!”

      ”In the future, the Wade family will no longer believe in bloodlines, only in practical actions! All members of the direct line, as well as the side branches, will have to show practical actions if they want to gain benefits from the Wade Family in the future!”

      ”If anyone still wants to share the wealth but not the hardship, then sorry, I, Charlie wade, will make him pay the price!”

      At this point, Charlie wade looked at Stephen Thompson and asked him, “Housekeeper Stephen, those members of the side line that fled overnight, can they still not be contacted?”

      Stephen Thompson said awkwardly, “Back to Young Master, they are all still switched off or not in the service area, I guess they won’t switch on their phones until the outside world receives a definite message about today’s incident.”

      Charlie wade frowned and spoke, “In that case, when the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall releases the news to the public later and tells the outside world about the Wade Family’s admission of defeat today, they will definitely want to draw a clear line with the Wade Family even more, right?”

      ”I suppose so.” Stephen Thompson said respectfully, “Young master, in fact, most of the side branches you don’t need to pay too much attention to, they don’t make any real contribution to the Wade family, on the contrary, they have to share some of the benefits from the Wade family, to the Wade family, these people are just like those small bullet countries back in the days when the ten thousand nations came to pay their respects, every time they rushed to pay their respects, it seemed like they were very pious, but each one of them wanted to eat and drink enough in our heavenly kingdom to go to court, and then take some benefits to leave before they were satisfied. It would be good for the Wade family to draw a clear line with them instead.”

      Lord wade also spoke up at this time, “What Stephen said is correct, many side families have been relying on our Wade family’s resources to support them. The same business, if given to someone else, may only cost 100 million, but if given to a side family of the Wade family, it may cost 120 million.

      Charlie wade said in a cold voice, “Draw the line for sure, but by no means should we let them just walk away without any loss.”

      Saying that, he looked at Wan Bajun and spoke, “Bajun, have your people put out the word again later on! Say that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall has gotten the entire list of the Wade Family’s ancestral ritual this time, and that all Wade Family members who are not present today must gather at the bottom of Wade Ling Mountain by eight o’clock tomorrow morning, and that anyone who dares not come will be responsible for the consequences!”