The Real Dragon Chapter 3441

Charlie wade spoke, “The top ten is still a long way from the first ……”

      Lord Orrin seriously said, “It doesn’t matter if there is a gap, but you must be steady and take one step at a time.”

      Saying that, Lord Orrin instructed Charlie wade: “Charlie, a family like Rothschild is too strong, at a time like now, I really don’t recommend that you make contact with them too early!”

      Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “Uncle Gu(Sun) don’t worry, I won’t fight them hard this time when I go to Northern Europe, I’ll mainly help Helena take back the throne first and contact the Rothschilds by the way, I’ll hide my identity then, don’t worry.”

      Lord Orrin saw that Charlie wade was determined to go, so he instructed, “Rothschild is commonly known as OldMoney in Europe and America, it’s not like a new generation tycoon like Bill Gates, where every property and every stock is on the surface, it’s more like a huge iceberg, what we can see now is just the tip of the iceberg!”

      ”And what makes it really powerful is its pervasive and comprehensive penetration throughout Western society over the past few hundred years!”

      ”On the surface, it looks like they have ten businesses, but in reality, the number of businesses that they actually control through various means could be as many as several thousand, and this power is quite terrifying, so terrifying that even if your grandfather’s family has been ranked as one of the three largest families in the world, the combined a*sets of your grandfather and the Middle Eastern royal family may not be able to rival Rothschild! “

      Speaking of this, Lord Orrin admonished, “Charlie, no matter what time it is, you must be absolutely careful when facing the Rothschild family!”

      Charlie wade nodded solemnly and said, “Uncle Gu(Sun) don’t worry, I have it in my heart!”

      At this moment, Stephanie, who was at the side, looked at Charlie wade with an excited face and said excitedly, “Brother Charlie wade! With your strength, I believe that even the Rothschild family will be trampled under your feet!”

      Stephanie was originally Charlie wade’s little fan girl, and now she even looked like an avid fan.

      Charlie wade nodded gently and smiled, “Don’t worry, Stephanie, this day will come eventually!”

      After saying that, Charlie wade poured another gla*s of wine and said, “Uncle Gu(Sun), Auntie Angie, and Stephanie, I’d like to toast the three of you and thank you once again for your love for me!”

      The three members of the Gu(Sun) family filled their gla*ses and drank it all together with Charlie wade.

      Charlie wade saw the Moore family and the Ito family sitting at the same table not far away, so he said to the three members of the Gu(Sun) family, “There are some other friends over there, I’ll go and say hello first.”

      ”Go on!” Lord Orrin said with a smile, “Remember to come back later and have a drink with uncle!”


      Charlie wade said goodbye to the Gu(Sun) family and carried his gla*s of wine to the table where the Moore and Ito families were.

      At this moment, Ito Nanaeko, seeing Charlie wade getting closer and closer, although her face was still as gentle as water, the eyes full of love could no longer be hidden.

      She had already loved Charlie wade very deeply, and today, when she saw that Charlie wade had made the entire Ten Thousand Dragons Hall kneel before him and beg for forgiveness with his own strength, she only felt that if she could not marry Charlie wade or become his woman in this life, then she could only die alone in this life.

      Because she knew that there would never be another man who could completely conquer herself from the point of consciousness like Charlie wade did.

      As for the dignified and beautiful Jasmine, she had always demanded herself as a lady of the house, but deep inside she had also fallen like a little woman long ago.

      Just as Charlie wade reached the front, the Moore family as well as the Ito family all stood up.

      Ito Yohiko and Tanaka Koichi were unable to stand because they had lost their legs, but they also immediately raised their gla*ses high and looked at Charlie wade with respect.

      And the nearly two hundred people that their two families had brought with them all stood up in unison with a swish!

      Among them, more than a hundred top ninjas, who were usually regarded as national treasures in Japan, stood straight while their hands hung humbly at the sides of their bodies, and their necks and heads lowered forty-five degrees in respect, their faces full of deference.

      This was their instinctive reaction and etiquette when faced with a powerful person they respected and feared.

      This scene was seen by Lord Orrin, who could not help but exclaim to his wife and daughter, “These Japanese ninjas seem to have been completely convinced by the strength of Charlie, so much so that they do not even dare to raise their heads in front of him!”

      Stephanie said seriously, “That’s right! Brother Charlie wade’s strength is much stronger than theirs, so they must be respectful!”

      Angie muttered softly at this moment, “I always think that the girl from the Ito family and the girl from the Moore family don’t seem to be looking at Charlie the right way ……”

      After saying that, she glanced at another table not far away, sitting at Zara as well as the Xion sisters, and sighed, “There’s also that pair of sisters from the Banks family …… The way they look at Charlie, they both have some problems too ……”