The Real Dragon Chapter 3454

When Olivia had learned that Helena was returning to her country, she had already discussed her response with her parents.

      This time, since Helena was here, it would not be easy to let her go again.

      According to Olivia’s plan, from the moment Helena returned to the palace, she was put under surveillance and was not allowed to leave the palace grounds.

      She also called Aman Ramovich in St Petersburg at the first opportunity, and agreed with him on the phone to force Helena to agree to marry him after her own wedding tomorrow.

      Olivia had Helena’s mother as a hostage, so she believed that Helena would never dare to disobey her arrangement.

      As for Aman Ramovic, he was ridiculed all day long by the Western media for his origins, and ridiculed a little to the point of going off the rails.

      Now all he can think about is marrying a European royal princess as a way to humiliate those who despise him.

      So, when he received Olivia’s call, he rushed over in a frenzy of joy.

      The good news is that St Petersburg is only about a thousand kilometres from Northern Europe and can be reached in two hours by ordinary plane.

      However, Aman Ramovic, who had flown over from St Petersburg with great enthusiasm, did not expect Helena to treat him so coldly.

      He then looked at Olivia and asked, “Princess Olivia, I wonder if that thing we talked about on the phone still counts?”

      Olivia smiled, “Of course it counts! I will soon be the Nordic Queen, and how can a Queen go back on her word when she has promised to do so? Don’t worry, Mr. Amanramovich!”

      ”That’s good!” Amanramovich breathed a sigh of relief.

      He knew that Olivia must have a way to get Helena to agree.

      As for what method, he didn’t bother to worry about it.

      In short, as long as he could get Helena back to St. Petersburg, he would immediately credit the Nordic royal family with half a billion euros, and all would be happy.

      Olivia smiled faintly at this time and said, “You must all have had a hard time flying all this way, so why don’t you go back to the palace first, there will be a grand banquet for you all at the palace in the evening.”

      Aman Ramovich naturally agreed with all his words, and Charlie wade did not say a word, looking as if his guest was at his disposal.

      So, the group travelled in several royal convoys from the airport to the palace.

      There were six cars in the royal convoy, Olivia and her fiancé William sat in the second car, Charlie wade and Helena sat in the third, and Aman Ramovic sat alone in the fourth.

      In the car, Charlie wade kept his eyes closed, Helena was more or less apprehensive and wanted to talk to Charlie wade several times, but when she thought that there was a driver and a royal servant in the front row, she could only hold back for the time being.

      At this moment, Olivia and William were sitting in the car, watching a special player and listening to the gasps coming from it.

      William frowned at this point: “Why aren’t these two saying anything? Do they realise the car is bugged?”

      Olivia shook her head, “I’m not sure.”

      William asked her, “Olivia, have you figured out what to do with that Charlie wade?”

      Olivia said casually, “What’s he got to deal with, when Aman Ramovich takes Helena away, let him go back to China.”

      ”No way.” William said with a cold face, “We can’t let him just go!”