The Real Dragon Chapter 3471

William said awkwardly, “Mr. Wade, I’m not joking with you, I really think I have a much better chance of winning this game than you do, why don’t we just open the cards, just these chips on the table, whoever wins, don’t add more, okay?”

        Charlie wade laughed sarcastically and said, “I told you you were like a p*ssy! I didn’t wrong you at all! You’ve already won a f*cking billion, what are you afraid of?”

        Then he said to Olivia, “Tell your fiancé to be tough when he needs to be. How can you be the Queen’s husband if you are weak at critical moments?”

        Olivia panicked too.

        She knew that William would win, but she also knew that if William won too much, something would probably go terribly wrong.

        Counting the previous ones, if Charlie wade lost in another two billion euros in this hand, that would be three billion euros in cash plus a Concorde.

        With this hand alone, Charlie wade would have lost more a*sets than the entire Nordic royal family owned.

        Seriously, how could she not be scared.

        What she was thinking was: “What if Charlie wade gets desperate with his loss and has to take revenge on William? What if he recruits the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple?”

        But what Olivia didn’t know was that Charlie wade wasn’t anxious about losing at all, but William was anxious about being scolded by Charlie wade at this moment.

        He said with some anger, “Mr. Wade, I hope you can make it clear that I don’t want to follow through with this two billion dollar bet, not because I’m not man enough, but I don’t want to win too much against you! I’m leaving you a way out, but why do you have to be aggressive again and again?”

        Charlie wade laughed: “William, not that I’m talking about you, this kind of thinking of yours is typical of poor hanging thinking!”

        He said, “You are just like those poor guys who, after buying a Rolls Royce, come to me and tell me that it has high fuel consumption and advise me not to drive it. “

        When the people around them heard this, they laughed in secret.

        Although Charlie wade’s behaviour of losing large sums of money all the time was silly to the extreme in their eyes.

        But they also had to admit that Charlie wade had a point in that.

        People had plenty of money, did they need someone who was much poorer than him to teach him how to save money?

        When William heard these words, he was really angry and confused.

        He really did not expect that Charlie wade would take the initiative to beg for death.

        He had even taken his kindness for an a*s’s lungs and humiliated himself as a poor man in public!

        He could not help but curse in his heart, “Good for you, Wade! I tried to spare your life with all my good intentions, but you just don’t appreciate it! Fine, I’ll win you a big one today! You’ll have no tears to cry!”

        With this in mind, he slapped the table and said in a stern voice, “Fine! Two billion, then two billion!”

        Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and laughed, “Come on, before the last card is dealt, just like I just gave you a mortgage agreement, let’s each write an IOU for two billion, sign it and put it on the table, whoever wins will take the other one away, how about that?”

        William sneered, “Just write it! Do you think I will be afraid of you?”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Fine, then hurry up and write it, so many people are witnessing it, no one can be a scoundrel.”


        William, who was already furious, immediately wrote down an IOU of two billion dollars as Charlie wade had said.

        Charlie wade was not ambiguous, and immediately wrote down clearly on the paper that he owed William two billion euros, and at the same time reminded William: “By the way, the payment method must be written clearly, and the full amount must be paid within 24 hours, otherwise it will be regarded as a breach of contract, and the penalty for breach of contract will be one hundred percent a day!”

        William didn’t have to think about it at this point and sneered, “I’m afraid of you? Come on! I’ll write it down right now!”

        Charlie wade nodded his head and wrote the same on his own note.

        Afterwards, the two signed and drew on their respective IOUs in the presence of everyone, as well as the recording of everyone’s mobile phone videos.

        Charlie wade put the two IOUs in the chip pile at the same time, looked at the lotus officer and said with a faint smile, “Come on, let’s open the cards!”

        William’s eyes were like those of a Komodo lizard, staring at Charlie wade with a cold smile, “Mr. Wade, today I will let you die a painful death!”