The Real Dragon Chapter 3546

Charlie wade did not realise that Zara’s entire being had been completely taken over by the love and shyness in her heart.

        At this moment, she did not have the mental state to talk about business cooperation with Charlie wade, because even if Charlie wade asked her to give up the entire Banks family to him now, she would not hesitate to agree.

        Therefore, at this time, she did not have any opinion of her own, so she naturally did whatever Charlie wade wanted.

        Charlie wade didn’t know this, and laughed helplessly, “You have to understand, the two of us are in partnership, we have to take the idea together, we can’t listen to me on everything, because I’m not a professional in management, and I don’t know anything about specific business, I can only propose ideas, and then you and Zhiqiu(Ziva) will discuss the feasibility and the way to land together.”

        Zara said shamefacedly, “It doesn’t matter …… I believe in the ability of my benefactor, as long as the direction set by my benefactor will never be wrong ……”

        Charlie wade had a big headache and spoke, “Don’t you have any comments to make? After all, you have 49% of the shares in this company, so you can’t just say whatever I say, right?”

        Zara didn’t hesitate to answer: “Well …… whatever your benefactor says is what you want ……”

        Charlie wade was speechless for a long time, helplessly said, “How about this, you first go back and think about it, if you really have no opinion, turn around and touch base with Zhiqiu(Ziva) as well, see what she means, if everyone is fine with it, then we will move forward that way.”

        Zara nodded, her big eyes shining brightly and said, “All listen to your benefactor’s ……”

        Charlie wade had nothing to say, smiled and said, “Okay, that’s the initial decision, I’ll send you back to the Banks family first, in the next two days, you first smooth out the various businesses of the Banks family, to ensure a smooth handover with your grandfather, the matter of Isu shipping, when you are busy with this period of time, we can talk.”

        Zara was delighted and said, “Then I’ll go to Aurous Hill in a few days!”

        “Good.” Charlie wade didn’t think much about it and said, “Then we’ll meet in Aurous Hill then.”

        Zara nodded and asked Charlie wade curiously, “Your Grace, now that you have taken over the Wade family and become the head of the Wade family, don’t you have any plans to return to Eastcliff to develop?”

        Charlie wade said blandly, “For the time being, I have no such plans.”

        Zara’s expression was somewhat disappointed, but she quickly recovered and said with a smile, “Actually, it’s quite good to be in Aurous Hill, it’s not far from Eastcliff, it’s close to Zhonghai, it’s in the middle of two super cities, and there’s also a direct high-speed railway, so even if you live and work in Aurous Hill, it won’t affect your business promotion.”

        As she said this, Zara couldn’t help but lament, “My mother wants to settle in Aurous Hill in the future, so I think I will have to live in Aurous Hill half of the time in the future, so I can spend more time with her.”

        When Zarae said this, she somewhat sheepishly sneaked a glance at Charlie wade.

        In fact, what she really had in mind was not all about spending time with her mother.

        It was more that she wanted to be able to be closer to Charlie wade.

        Otherwise, if she was in Eastcliff for a long time and Charlie wade was in Aurous Hill for a long time, and the two of them didn’t have much chance to meet, with that infatuation she had for Charlie wade, she would definitely go crazy.

        Therefore, the excuse of accompanying her mother and spending half of her time in Aurous Hill was the best solution for her at the moment.

        When Charlie wade heard that she wanted to spend more time with her mother, he naturally didn’t have any half-hearted doubts, but only said with a little sigh, “Eastcliff to Aurous Hill, it’s not far to say, it’s not close to say, so commuting once in a while doesn’t really feel like much, but if you have to commute once or twice a week, then it might really be exhausting.”

        Zara said with a smile, “It’s fine, after I officially become the head of the Banks family, it’s reasonable for me to have a private plane for myself. It won’t be a traffic jam to Aurous Hill at night, and you can get to mum’s place in half an hour or so by car.”