The Real Dragon Chapter 3553

        All he could think about was himself and the future of the Wade family.

        Apart from the Wade family’s current industries, he was looking forward to his Isu shipping and Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals.

        If both of these industries could become bigger and stronger, either one would have the chance to create trillions of dollars in wealth.

        The vast majority of the world’s logistics relied on shipping, and there would only be more and more room for future development.

        As for Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, Charlie wade had a large number of excellent prescriptions, and any one of them from the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scriptures could become a global best-selling medicine.

        What is even more valuable is that other pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, Novartis, France’s Mercer, etc., spend billions of dollars on research and development for just one drug, and it takes several years, and the success rate is not high, so most of their sales revenue has to be used to cover the research and development costs, but Charlie wade does not have to spend a single penny on research and development.

        What was left was the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, which he had just taken under his wing.

        It became his immediate priority to get this group of people successfully cleared as soon as possible.

        Lord Orrin’s words had given him great inspiration.

        An armed organisation like the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, whether it continued to be a mercenary in the future or diverted part of its efforts to international security, had to have a relatively loose and free core base.

        And this base must not only cater for the daily lives and training of the members of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, but also be used to store the important equipment and supplies of the Temple.

        However, the vast majority of countries and regions are unlikely to allow tens of thousands of armed personnel to be stationed in their own country, so the choice of location becomes a very tricky issue.

        At the beginning, the Temple of Ten Thousand Dragons was looking for a stable base, which was why it was willing to serve Syria without any pay, and subsequently suffered heavy losses at the hands of Hamid as well as Charlie wade.

        When Charlie wade thought of this, he suddenly brightened up.

        Syria, indeed, was a good choice, one could even say that it was the best choice at the moment.

        Not only because of the volatile situation there, but also because there was still a Hamid on the ground, and the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and Hamid, to a certain extent, were able to complement each other.

        As for the official side, it should not be too difficult to push for it.

        After all, if the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons cooperated with the officials, it could bring them a lot of benefits.

        On the one hand, the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons has a strong fighting force and can help the official maintain stability.

        On the other hand, it could also help the official train its soldiers.

        Even, it could pay the official a considerable amount of money for renting the land.

        Anyway, the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple is not short of money.

        Moreover, Syria’s location is good.

        It is on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean itself, just a few hundred kilometres from the Suez Canal, the choke point of shipping.

        And across the Suez Canal, and through the Red Sea, is the pirate-infested Gulf of Aden.

        The Suez Canal is the essential route for shipping from Asia to Western Europe, so if there is to be any future security work for shipping, the main battleground will be in the Gulf of Aden.

        If Dragon Palace were to prepare a headquarters base in Syria, the straight-line distance to the Gulf of Aden could be reduced to more than 2,000 kilometres, which may sound a bit far, but is close enough in the context of a shipping route that can easily be tens of thousands of kilometres.

        If we could rely on this headquarters base and then go and establish a forward position around the Gulf of Aden, then it would be more convenient to provide escort services to merchant ships on the way through this forward position.

        Therefore, Charlie wade felt that the most important thing at the moment was how to induce the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons to reach cooperation with Syria!