The Real Dragon Chapter 3579

        Charlie Wade looked into Jerold’s eyes and said indifferently, “I sealed your consciousness because you were too arrogant and domineering in the Middle East, thinking that with more than ten thousand generals under your command you were already invincible, so not only did you bury yourself, you also sent all of the more than ten thousand soldiers under your command to the prison of the other side, I hope you have learned your lesson during this time, otherwise, in the future you leading troops in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, sooner or later you will make the same mistakes again!”

        Although Jerold could not speak, deep inside he was already ashamed to the core.

        At the beginning, it was because he had despised Charlie Wade that 15,000 of his soldiers had been captured. He had always been extremely ashamed in his heart, and now that he had been mentioned by Charlie Wade, he was even more ashamed, only that he was completely unable to make any substantial response.

        Without further ado, Charlie Wade reached out his hand and gently tapped his finger on the top of his head, the aura that had originally sealed his consciousness was withdrawn, and Jerold instantly regained his freedom.

        This was the first time Jerold realised that the feeling of breathing on his own was so wonderful.

        The control of his consciousness over his body returned instantly, even to the extent that he was unable to adapt at once.

        He moved his fingers slightly clumsily, and immediately afterwards, he couldn’t control the tears that were welling up.

        He looked at Charlie Wade and took the initiative to kneel down on both knees, kowtowing to the ground with one head and choked up, “Mr. Wade, thank you for your kindness. From now on, Jerold will follow your lead and do his best to be loyal to you!”

        Charlie Wade nodded and said, “Now is a critical time for the transformation of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, I hope that you can properly a*sist your Hall Master and help the Hall complete this strategic transformation as soon as possible.”

        Without hesitation, Jerold said, “Please don’t worry, Mr. Wade, my subordinates will do their best!”

        Charlie Wade said blandly, “That’s enough, get up.”

        Only then did Jerold get up and stand behind Wan Bajun.

        Charlie Wade then looked at the paralyzed Lu Haotian, stepped in front of him and said indifferently, “Lu Haotian, you brought a coffin to kill my Wade family mansion, and you repeatedly said that you wanted to bury my parents to the ground, and you also killed my Wade family’s guards, so I should not have spared you, don’t you think?”

        Lu Haotian was in tears and choked up, “Mr. Wade, you are right …… I know I deserve to die for my sins …… You are already being extraordinarily kind to me by keeping me alive until now… …”

        Charlie Wade nodded and spoke, “Nowadays is the time when the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall needs people, since Jerold has regained his freedom, I won’t punish you too much, I will spare you once and see how you perform in the future.”

        Lu Haotian was overwhelmed with emotion and said gratefully, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade! This life of my subordinate will be yours in the future!”

        Charlie Wade gave a hint and reminded, “But remember, you and Jerold made the same mistake, you are both too confident, confident that you are unmatched, or that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is unmatched, but in fact, there are many hidden dragons and crouching tigers in this world, even I dare not be arrogant enough to think that I am invincible, so you must learn a lesson and remember not to be as arrogant and C*cky as you were before.”

        Lu Haotian and Jerold spoke almost simultaneously, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for your kindness! I understand!”