The Real Dragon Chapter 3584

At this moment, Zara could not wait to come to Aurous Hill to meet Charlie wade.

        If it wasn’t for the news that she would be holding a press conference in the afternoon to officially announce her succession as the head of the Banks family and chairman of the Banks Group, she would want to fly over right now.

        Moreover, she had two very good reasons for coming to Aurous Hill.

        One was that her own mother lived in Aurous Hill, and the other was that she was also a shareholder of Isu Shipping, which had invested so much that she naturally had to come over often to keep an eye on the operations.

        Charlie wade didn’t think too much about it, and it just so happened that he did want to meet up with Zara and He Zhiqiu(Ziva) to have a good chat.

        Moreover, he didn’t just want to talk to them about the matter of the armed escort of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, but also about the next direction of development of the Isuzu Shipping Line.

        So, he said to Zara, “Give me a call after you land tomorrow, I’ll make an appointment with Zhiqiu(Ziva) as well, and we’ll meet then for a detailed chat.”

        “Okay.” Zara was busy saying, “Then I’ll leave your Grace alone for now, we’ll see you tomorrow.”

        “See you tomorrow.”

        When Charlie wade hung up the phone, Isaac Cameron, who was driving, couldn’t help but ask, “Young master, Miss Banks has completely taken over the Banks family?”

        “Mm.” Charlie wade smiled, “A 24 year old girl who has fully inherited a trillion dollar family fortune is probably unique in the world.”

        “Yes ……” Isaac Cameron also could not help but sigh: “After this news is announced, I am afraid that Miss Banks will become the woman in this world that men are most eager to marry ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Whoever marries her, one step will become a winner in life.”

        As he was talking, Charlie wade’s mobile phone suddenly rang again.

        When he looked down, the person who called was, surprisingly, Helena, who was far away in Northern Europe.

        Charlie wade recalled that when he was in Northern Europe, the empress had promised to let Helena succeed to the throne in three days’ time.

        So, Charlie wade picked up the phone and asked her with a smile, “Helena, has your coronation ceremony finished?”

        Helena said in a very gentle voice, “Mr. Wade, my coronation ceremony will be held in four hours at the capital cathedral ……”

        “Four hours later?” Charlie wade asked subconsciously, “Is such a grand ceremony going to be held in the afternoon?”

        Helena was busy saying, “No, it’s at ten o’clock in the morning exactly.”

        “Oh ……” Charlie wade then remembered about the time difference and laughed to himself, “I’m so sorry, I forgot about the time difference, so it’s just six o’clock in the morning in your place? “

        “Yes ……” Helena said softly, “I got up at four o’clock to put on my makeup and change my dress to get ready, it took me two hours to just get changed into my dress, it feels much more troublesome than getting married. “

        “That’s for sure.” Charlie wade laughed, “Marriage is a matter for two people, at best, two families, but you succeeding the Queen’s throne, this is a feast for your whole royal family, even the whole country.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added, “Then I will congratulate you in advance on your successful succession to the throne!”

        Helena said gratefully, “Thank you Mr Wade ……”

        Saying that, she hesitated for a moment and asked somewhat nervously, “Mr. Wade …… you …… can you come to my coronation ceremony?”

        Charlie wade said apologetically, “Sorry Helena, I’m in Aurous Hill now, I can’t go over to your coronation ceremony, and besides, your European royal family’s coronation ceremony, I think it would be rather conspicuous for an Asian face to appear there.”