The Real Dragon Chapter 3586

“Promote the Spring Return Pill?!”

        Hearing Charlie wade’s words, Helena asked in surprise, “Mr. Wade, are you planning to sell the Spring Return Pill to the public?”

        “That’s right.” Charlie wade smiled, “I plan to hold an auction at the end of the month in Aurous Hill, and I will take out a small amount of the Spring Return Pill to be auctioned off live at that time.”

        Helena couldn’t help but exclaim, “Then I’m afraid it will fetch a sky-high price by then ……”

        Charlie wade laughed, “It’s naturally best if it can fetch a sky-high price.”

        Saying that, he added, “European royalty, nobles and the great rich are all my potential customers, so I have to ask your grandmother to help me promote it properly, as for the exact time and rules of the auction, I will officially release it to the public through the Wade family in a few days.”

        Helena immediately said, “No problem, I’ll talk to grandma in a minute!”

        “Good.” Charlie wade smiled faintly, “Then I won’t delay your preparations, I will follow your coronation ceremony online throughout then!”

        Helena said softly, “Okay Mr. Wade, in these recent twenty to thirty years, the development of China as well as the United States has been leading the world, coupled with Japan’s perennial reign as the third in the world, so much so that these old empires in Europe, one by one, have looked a bit weak in recent years.

        However, the difference between Europe and the United States, China and Japan is that most of the wealthy people in the latter three countries are emerging families and business owners, whereas in Europe, there are truly a large number of royal families and great nobles with centuries of history.

        The ancestors of these people, who have made their fortunes since the first industrial revolution, and whose families have grown over the centuries, have long since acquired untold wealth, which is what is known to the outside world as OldMoney.

        Although these people have not been very visible over the years, in fact, each one of them is rich.

        The owner of a new type of listed company in China is worth more than a billion dollars at once, but this group of OldMoney can get hundreds of millions of dollars for a painting from the wall of their own castle.

        Therefore, if Charlie wade wants to make a big push for the “Spring Return Economy”, the European tycoons will be an integral part of it.

        And if the soon-to-be abdicated Nordic Queen came out to speak, it would definitely have a great impact on the European tycoons.

        After ending the call with Helena, Charlie wade remembered the feng shui master Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) who was far away in the United States, so he asked Isaac Cameron, “Old Cameron, what time is it in Los Angeles?”

        Isaac Cameron was busy saying, “Young master, Los Angeles is on the west coast, fifteen hours different from us, it’s almost a little after eight o’clock at night and not even nine o’clock!”

        “Good.” Charlie wade nodded, “That’s not too late.”

        After saying that, he called Old Mr. Lai(Exoer).

        Soon, a cheerful voice of Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) came from the other end of the phone, “Young Master Wade, I was thinking of calling you when you were done with these two days, but I didn’t expect you to be so busy and call me first!”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and asked respectfully, “How did Old Mr. Lai(Exoer) know that I was busy?”

        Lai Qinghua(Exoer) smiled, “I heard about the matter of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall bringing a coffin to kill the Wade family in the United States, so I dared to divine a fortune for you, and found that the fortune was surprisingly the superior sign of a dragon entering the sea, and I knew that the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall was definitely not your opponent.”

        At this point, Lai Qinghua(Exoer) added, “According to my speculation, the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall is not only not your opponent, but is also the key to sending you, the dragon, from the shallow talk into the sea! If old me is correct, you should have already become the Wade family head, right?”

        Charlie wade couldn’t help but ask in awe, “Has Old Master Lai’s skill in divination and fortune-telling become so profound? To be able to tell that I have become the Wade family head just by using the trigrams, this is really remarkable!”