The Real Dragon Chapter 3622

Charlie wade believed most in killing to kill.

        The only way to keep those vicious people honest is to be more ruthless and vicious than he is.

        The pirates in the Gulf of Aden are no different from the bandits who were active back then, and killing people is their means of survival.

        In recent years, these pirates have become more and more rampant, with the number of hijackings increasing every year, and in recent times it has reached the point where cargo ships are attacked almost every day, and they still manage to get away with it repeatedly.

        Charlie wade could often see news of pirate robberies on the news, and it also happened from time to time that they shot hostages, so Charlie wade hoped that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple could take on the power of the Gods of Heaven and leave those pirates in the dust.

        Since they were outside the law, we would see who was more ruthless than who.

        After a few minutes of flight, the plane was about to arrive over Hamid’s base.

        At this time, the sky in the Middle East was just getting light.

        Wan Bajun took advantage of the rising sunlight and looked at the several heights surrounding Hamid’s base down ahead with his eyes, he had always been curious as to what kind of iron barrel defence Hamid had that could make the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple bury several thousand mercenaries here.

        However, when he looked around, he found that these few heights, and the valley surrounded by them, basically did not look like a military base, and it was hard to even see soldiers.

        The only large targets that could be seen were the many trucks transporting rocks and slag, constantly shuttling through the mountain pa*ses.

        Other than that, there was nothing to see.

        And the more nothing could be seen, the more shocked Wan Breaking Army became in his heart.

        This was because it proved that Hamid had diverted all his forces into the permanent fortifications inside the mountain.

        Even if tens of thousands of troops attacked, they would not be able to find where the target was at all.

        Moreover, no one knew how many fire points were hidden in these mountains, let alone how many weapons and ammunition as well as food supplies were stored here.

        While he was in shock, the helicopter flew above Hamid’s valley and landed slowly on the flat ground of the valley.

        All the houses and ruins in the valley had been cleared away and the valley was now basically flat.

        It was clear that it had been transformed into a training ground, with a playground, a target range and various obstacle courses.

        Hamid had been waiting for a long time, and when he saw Charlie wade get off the helicopter with a Chinese, he immediately came forward and greeted him warmly, “Brother Wade! We meet again!”

        After a long time, Hamid had put on a bit of weight, so he could see that he had been having a good time recently.

        Charlie wade smiled and said, “You look in a good mood, what good things have happened to you recently?”

        Hamid said seriously, “Not having to fight is a good thing, and you can see that my place is becoming more and more like that, the safer the base is, the more secure my heart is.”

        Charlie wade nodded and introduced him to the man beside him, Wan Bajun, and said, “Come old brother, let me introduce to you, this is the Master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, Wan Bajun.”

        After saying that, he also said to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, this is Commander Hamid, your Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had a bit of friction and conflict with Old Brother Hamid before, but that’s all in the past, let’s turn the page completely and turn enemies into friends from now on!”

        Wan Bajun took a step forward almost without thinking, took the initiative to extend his hand and politely said, “Commander Hamid, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

        Hamid looked at Wan Bajun, his heart more or less tense and bewildered.

        Although he was somewhat inflated now, he was not really inflated to the point of daring to despise Wan Bajun.

        After all, with tens of thousands of soldiers and a large number of experts, even if he had lost several thousand soldiers at Hamid’s hands due to his rashness at first, the strength of Wan Long Temple was still much stronger than Hamid.

        Moreover, Hamid had long heard that there were many experts in the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, and was worried that the Hall would seek revenge on him in the future.

        Now that Charlie wade had actually mediated between them, asking him to turn his enemies into friends with Wan Breaking Army, he was naturally willing to do so.

        So, he hurriedly shook hands with Wan Bajun and said excitedly, “Hello, Mr. Wan! I have offended you a lot for what happened before, please don’t take it to heart, Mr. Wan ……”

        Wan Bajun solemnly said, “Commander Hamid, please rest a*sured, since Mr. Wade has already said that he wants to turn over the page completely, Mr. Wan will never dwell on it any more.”