The Real Dragon Chapter 3691

        So, when Balder gave the promise of $30,000, everyone’s heart was overwhelmed with excitement.

        So, the pirates began to make preparations overnight, and all set out early tomorrow morning to besiege the Isu Shipping freighter.


        This night, Badr’s base was full of people.

        On the coastline, a large number of pirates were overhauling their speedboats in all directions.

        By the time the clock hit four in the morning, the vast majority of the pirates had gone to sleep, leaving only a handful of guards standing watch from a few high towers around the base.

        As their base camp had never been attacked before, the men had no sense of crisis and were smoking cigarettes and chatting in twos and threes, just waiting for dawn to change shifts and go back to rest.

        However, unbeknownst to them, in the darkness of the sea, a number of heavily armed frogmen, armed with silent electric propellers, approached the shoreline silently.

        These frogmen were the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

        The leader of the group was Jerold, the second-in-command of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

        To Jerold, asking him to a*sa*sinate an insignificant pirate leader did feel like killing a chicken with a slaughtering knife.

        However, when he thought that this was extremely important to the armed escort business of the Dragon Palace, Jerold did not dare to feel any discontent in his heart.

        So, he personally led his soldiers and infiltrated Badr’s base from the sea, just to give Badr a nice beheading.

        Under the cover of the sound of the waves and the night, eleven generals from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons landed very smoothly from a deserted shoal.

        Immediately afterwards, they quickly infiltrated Badr’s base with their extremely keen bodies.

        Jerold divided the ten soldiers under his command into two, five of whom followed him to find Badr, while the remaining five lurked on the shore, looking for opportunities to plant bombs on these pirates’ speedboats.

        According to Wan Bajun’s request, they were to quietly equip all the speedboats under Badr with remote-controlled bombs, and then detonate them after they had finished Badr.

        Blowing up these speedboats would not only allow Jerold and his men to retreat easily, but would also deal a huge blow to Badr’s armed forces.

        In this way, whoever picks up a ready-made opportunity and becomes the new leader will have to spend a long time rea*sembling his own fleet.

        There are only two tools that pirates rely on for their livelihood: boats and guns.

        Without ships, even guns would be useless.

        This would not only make the next leader fearful of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, but also make an example of the pirates, so that the entire Gulf of Aden would know what would happen if they messed with the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

        At this moment, Badr is lying between two young girls in a deep sleep.

        In this place, he was the emperor of the land and lived a life of extreme luxury.

        Just as he was sleeping, he suddenly heard someone heave in his ear.

        The next thing he knew, his hair was being tugged hard, pulling him out of bed.

        Badr opened his eyes and found himself being yanked by the hair of a strange yellow man, who tried to scream in terror, but immediately shoved two pieces of female underwear roughly into his mouth so that he could not make a sound.

        The man who grabbed him was none other than Jerold, one of the two surviving great kings of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.

        He looked at the terrified Badr, smiled slightly and spoke, “Badr, on behalf of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, I greet you!”

        Saying this, he twisted Badr’s neck a hundred and eighty degrees with a slight force with one hand!

        Badr only felt a sharp pain in his neck and instantly saw the bed behind him.

        In the bed, the two beautiful women he had spent the night with were still asleep.

        The next thing he knew, his eyes went black and he lost all consciousness!