The Real Dragon Chapter 3693

        In this instant, he understood that all of this was the work of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!

        When he thought of this, his back was instantly soaked in cold sweat!

        He had not expected that they had originally intended to besiege the Isu Shipping’s freighter and the Man Long Temple’s escort in the morning, but the Man Long Temple had acted significantly faster, and had killed them directly at their base camp without even waiting for the Tai Na vehicle!

        He didn’t expect that the Dragon Palace would be so powerful that in a base of thousands of people, the boss had been killed without anyone noticing!

        It had taken Bader twenty years to build up this mountain, but in the end, his neck was snapped in his own base camp!

        Moreover, the dozens of ships that Badr had saved up over the past twenty years were blown up by the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple in a flash!

        His entire twenty years of hard work, along with himself, had been destroyed in this one night!

        The Second Master immediately realised that since the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple had such ability, it was theoretically as easy for them to kill anyone on their side!

        He couldn’t help but take another look at Badr’s tragic state, and felt a chill run down his neck!

        At this moment, the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons had become a nightmare that would not leave his mind.

        Just then, a soldier rushed in and shouted, “Boss, it’s bad! Our oil tanks have been hit by a speedboat and caught fire, and now the fire is out of control!”

        When the second leader heard this, his whole body instantly flinched.

        Their oil tanks, which held nearly a hundred tons of petrol, were not far from the coastline and were not protected by any special protection in order to refuel the speedboats.

        Although the boss was dead, the organisation still had to be maintained, so he immediately ordered, “Put out the fires as soon as possible! And evacuate the others as soon as possible!”

        At that moment, the beach was lit up like daylight by the light of the fire.

        A large group of pirates ran around the beach in a panic, some went into the sea to carry water to try to put out the fire, others with several kilograms of fire extinguishers in a futile attempt to spray towards the blaze.

        Many others, fearing for their lives, were already far away, afraid of being caught in the flames and the possibility of an explosion at any moment.

        A few minutes later, the second leader organised nearly a hundred men with whatever fire extinguishing devices they could find to try and put out the blazing fire on the tanks.

        However, there was no fire extinguishing device suitable for extinguishing fuel at their base, so despite all their efforts, the fire grew bigger and bigger.

        The second leader had no choice but to order everyone to evacuate quickly.

        Immediately afterwards, a large number of pirates quickly fled in all directions.

        A number of motor vehicles that had been parked nearby were also driven away by the pirates, fearing that they would be implicated.

        After a few more minutes, the tanks suddenly burst into flames and a mushroom cloud, followed by a violent explosion hundreds of times louder than a thunderbolt, and a strong wave of air generated by the explosion!

        The rows of simple houses closest to the tanks were almost all knocked down by the blast!

        Those pirates who had only run a few hundred metres were also tossed to the ground by the blast, leaving the scene in shambles!

        Jerold’s men were recording all this with a video camera on a distant beach.

        The explosion was so violent that several soldiers who were not strong enough could not even stand still in the aftermath of the blast.

        Jerold, however, stood still, the powerful blast wave did not allow his body to move a bit.

        Seeing that the pirate base had been completely destroyed, Jerold was satisfied and said to the others, “All right, let’s withdraw!”

        Immediately afterwards, the group immediately changed into their frogmen’s equipment and dove headlong into the sea, disappearing.

        Two hours later, another video exploded on the global internet.

        This video was the live video of the big explosion at Badr Base!

        At the same time, there was even more shocking news: Badr had been a*sa*sinated!