The Real Dragon Chapter 3710

Garet Flynn accepted his granddaughter’s advice and gave up his intention to go to Aurous Hill immediately.

        He knew very well that since it would be difficult to get the Moore Group, and the person behind the commission, to relent before the auction, there was no practical point in going to Aurous Hill now.

        After all, he was too old to move around and live conveniently, so going there now would not help Phoebe Flynn in any way other than to cause trouble for her.

        It would be better to let Phoebe Flynn go to Aurous Hill and try her hand at it. If she really succeeded, she could return to the United States with the Spring Return Pill, and if she did not succeed, she could go to the auction in Aurous Hill again at that time.

        In this way, at least there would be two preparations and the chances of success would be a bit higher.

        Phoebe Flynn hung up her grandfather’s call, and deep inside she also felt a lot of pressure.

        She knew that her grandfather attached great importance to the Spring Return Pill. Although he did not know what kind of medicinal effects the Pill had, the evidence she had received from Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) showed that the Pill could extend his life by at least a few years.

        And while Grandpa was already over ninety this year, if he didn’t seize this opportunity, his life expectancy might only be a year or two or even shorter, but if he seized this opportunity, living to be a hundred was never a problem.

        This also means that whether Grandpa can live to be a hundred years old all depends on whether he can get the Spring Return Pill.

        But what really gives Phoebe Flynn a headache is that she has no clues about the person who entrusted her with the Spring Return Pill, so how to find him is the most difficult problem at the moment.

        But even if he could solve this problem, there was still a bigger challenge waiting for him.

        The other side didn’t even care about US$5 billion, so how could she get him to come up with a Spring Return Pill?

        After thinking it over, she decided to first put the breakthrough point on Jiqingtang’s parent company, the Moore Group.

        So she said to her a*sistant, “Shanshan, in the next two days, I want you to help me find out all the information on the Moore Group, as much as you can, and then print it all out and give it to me.”

        The girl called Shan Shan, named Rukky Shan, was Phoebe Flynn’s personal a*sistant.

        When she heard Phoebe Flynn’s order, she immediately said respectfully, “Yes, Miss!”

        Phoebe Flynn asked her again, “Has our accommodation in Aurous Hill been resolved?”

        Rukky Shan replied, “Back Miss, I have booked the presidential suites and several luxury suites in the best three five-star hotels within the city limits of Aurous Hill, I will give you the hotel information later, so you can choose at your leisure.”

        “Very well done.”

        Phoebe Flynn praised lightly and nodded in satisfaction.

        This foolproof style of acting was the philosophy she had always instilled in her men.

        To the Flynn family, as long as money was not counted in US$100 million, it was not money at all.

        So when Phoebe Flynn went to Aurous Hill on business, she didn’t even need to worry about where to stay, her a*sistant had already booked all the rooms in the three five-star hotels in Aurous Hill and paid for them in advance.

        Although the room fees for two hotels were destined to go down the drain, these hundreds of thousands of dollars were not even a drop in the bucket for the Flynn family.

        The extra few hundred thousand were spent in order to avoid just one hotel but any temporary contingencies, even if there was only a one percent chance, to be absolutely avoided.

        This is Phoebe Flynn’s style of action, including this time when she came to China, although she only had a team of less than ten people, but she drew two identical private planes from her family.

        These two planes, both brand new Boeing 787s converted into private jets, cost nearly US$300 million each from the factory, with a total cost of nearly US$500 million after the conversion was completed.

        Normally, the maximum commercial load of this aircraft is three hundred and thirty people, but Phoebe Flynn’s team of less than ten people took up two of them hard.

        She and her subordinates flew in one of them, while the other was used as a shadow plane, accompanying her throughout the flight.