The Real Dragon Chapter 3715

        Among the seven hundred people who had registered so far, the person whose data was available and who had the highest a*sets was Bernard Elnor, who was currently ranked third in the world’s wealthy list.

        Charlie wade said curiously, “This Bernard Aylneau, how come I’ve never heard of him?”

        Jasmine pursed her lips and sN*ggered, teasingly saying, “Master Wade, you don’t know Bernard Aylneau, but your wife should.”

        “Is that so?” Charlie wade asked in disbelief, “Why do you say that?”

        Jasmine smiled, “Because this man, is the godfather of global luxury ah …… many of France’s top luxury brands, are under his group’s name, the most famous is Lu Yi Vuitton, also commonly known as LV.”

        The most famous is Lu Yi Vuitton, commonly known as LV.” said Jasmine, “Moreover, he has made many big moves some time ago, and has acquired a number of French and Italian luxury brands with great fanfare, including the famous Emmas, because of its almost monopoly in the field of luxury goods, his value has also reached a staggering $170 billion, which, when converted into RMB, has exceeded trillion.”

        Charlie wade nodded and laughed, “So that’s how it …… seems that this old man is known as a global friend of women!”

        Saying that, Charlie wade took a closer look at this Bernard Elnor’s profile and found that he was now in his seventies, so I guess he was starting to worry about extending his life.

        In fact, this had been the case with the top powerful people all over the world since ancient times.

        People in their teens to their twenties and thirties are a youthful and ignorant stage, unaware of the preciousness of time.

        At this age, people are only concerned with the immediate future and not the future.

        That’s why some people are willing to sell a kidney for tens of thousands of dollars, or even a mobile phone, or sacrifice their health for a small profit, or even take the risk.

        And starting in their 20s and 30s, through to their 50s and 60s, is the stage where the majority of people really lay the foundations of their lives.

        For the top tycoons in particular, these precious twenty or thirty years are the most flourishing years of their lives.

        It is at this age that almost all the wealthy achieve an exponential surge in their a*sets.

        As their careers become more successful, their personal wealth increases and they grow older, these wealthy people naturally enter a state of “life consciousness” as they become more successful and older, wishing they could live longer and have more time to enjoy their remarkable achievements.

        The more successful a person is, the more this is the case.

        In ancient times, every emperor in China dreamed of a long life.

        In modern times, almost every hundred billionaire is also repeating the mistakes of the ancient emperors, secretly investing huge sums of money to find a way to live forever.

        David Rockefeller, the third generation heir to the Rockefeller family in the United States, spent hundreds of millions of dollars and had six heart transplants to live to the age of 101.

        In addition to this, there are many other wealthy people who spend over a billion dollars a year on cellular injections just to slow down their ageing.

        There are many more tycoons like Garet Flynn who have invested billions of dollars in various scientific research projects.

        So, right now, the rejuvenation pill is particularly attractive to tycoons over the age of seventy.

        As long as one spends money on a rejuvenation pill, all those previous investments with uncertain results and long waits can be completely omitted.

        But it was also because of the different stages and different mindsets that neither Bezos, the No. 1 founder of Amazon, nor Musk, the No. 2 founder of Tesla, on the list of the world’s richest people, had signed up for this auction.

        Charlie wade was not surprised by this, as neither of them was too old.

        Bezos is a bit older, but is not yet sixty years old, while Musk is just over fifty.

        These two, in the field of entrepreneurship, are both in their prime.

        At this age, all they can think about is making money and doing great things, and they don’t have a particularly pressing need for longevity yet.

        Moreover, both of them were bigwigs from the Internet, with avant-garde and radical ideas, and they were definitely sceptical or even negative towards things like rejuvenation pills, so it was unlikely that they would sign up for the auction.

        However, Charlie wade felt that if he waited for another ten to twenty years, they would definitely also be eager for the Spring Return Pill.

        Because in his opinion, no one could escape such a law!