The Real Dragon Chapter 3741

        Phoebe nodded and said politely, “Thank you for your hard work.”

        “Of course.”

        Phoebe waited in the waiting area for about an hour, and after Dr. Simmons had finished seeing the first three patients, Chen Xiaozhao(Xyla) came over and said, “Madam, please follow me.”

        Phoebe stood up and together with Rukky Shan, entered Dr. Simmons’s consultation room.

        Dr. Simmons looked at the two of them and asked, “I wonder which one of you two would like to see the doctor?”

        Phoebe said, “Hello, Dr. Simmons, I am not here today to see you, but to consult you for a relative of mine.”

        Dr. Simmons nodded and asked her, “What is wrong with this relative of yours?”

        Phoebe sighed, “Doctor Simmons, my relative had an accident some time ago, and the doctor diagnosed it as paraplegia, we asked around and learnt that you had cured a paraplegic patient last year, so I came all the way from Eastcliff to ask for your help!”

        “Paraplegia ……” When Dr. Simmons heard this, he shook his head helplessly and sighed lightly, “Ever since this Ji Shi Hall opened, almost every day people have come to me for treatment of paraplegia, and like you, they all heard about that case last year and that’s why they found me ……”

        At this point, Dr. Simmons said very seriously, “But I have to be honest, that case last year, it was indeed paraplegia and was cured, but what cured that patient was not how good my Dr. Simmons’s medical skills were, but rather a coincidence of chance.”

        Phoebe was astonished and asked, “Coincidence? Why do you say that, Doctor Simmons?”

        Dr. Simmons said seriously, “I cannot say the details of this, so please forgive me, but what I can say is that the credit for curing that patient really does not lie with me, and if I were to treat the same patient again, I would not be able to do so.”

        Phoebe hurriedly asked, “Doctor Simmons, you say that the credit does not lie with you, but that patient’s paraplegia was indeed cured, so are you saying that someone else was actually behind the cure of that patient, or are you saying that you cured that patient in the first place thanks to some kind of elixir?”

        Dr. Simmons gave Phoebe a somewhat surprised look and marvelled in his heart, “I didn’t expect this girl to be able to catch the key points between lightning and fire, and to catch two of them at once!”

        “There is indeed someone else behind this matter of Jacob’s healing, and that person is Grandmaster Wade, and it is also true that Jacob was able to heal thanks to some kind of spiritual medicine, and that kind of medicine is the divine medicine that Grandmaster Wade has refined ……”

        However, Dr. Simmons also knew very well that he definitely could not reveal more about this matter, so he said to Phoebe, “Miss, this matter is not something that I can tell you in detail, if the chance is right, perhaps your relatives can also be cured, but whether there is this chance, I can’t say, everything still depends on the chance of creation.”

        Phoebe hurriedly begged, “Divine Doctor Simmons, this relative of mine means very much to me indeed, I beg you to reveal some more clues to me ……”

        Dr. Simmons shook his head and said seriously, “Sorry girl, this is really all that Simmons can say, please forgive me.”

        After saying that, he said to Chen Xiaozhao(Xyla), “Xiaozhao, refund the consultation fee to this girl.”

        Chen Xiaozhao(Xyla) immediately nodded and said, “Yes Grandfather.”

        Flynn Phoebe welcomed the fact that it was no longer possible for Dr. Simmons to ask for any key clues, so she hurriedly said, “Thank you, Dr. Simmons, I will go back and think of another way, so there is no need to refund the consultation fee.”

        After saying that, she bowed slightly towards Dr. Simmons and said, “Divine Doctor Simmons, I’ll leave you now!”