The Real Dragon Chapter 3758

Charlie wade did not feel anything wrong when Phoebe mentioned his wife Claire.

        After all, that old husband of his had told people all about the situation last night.

        However, seeing that Phoebe had such a large mansion to renovate, Charlie wade immediately said to her, “My wife has a lot of projects on her hands recently, so I guess she is already running at full capacity, and if you redecorate the whole place, the workload will be too big, so I guess she won’t be able to take it on even if she wants to, so Miss Zhan can take a look at other renovation companies when the time comes. “

        Phoebe gently nodded and smiled, “If you have the chance, I’ll go to your lover’s company to take a look, if she can take it then it’s best, it doesn’t matter if she can’t.”

        Said Phoebe, fearing that Charlie wade’s heart would be disgusted, added: “Vice President Wilson even greeted me yesterday, if I directly approached someone else about this matter, I’m afraid that Vice President Wilson would have a weakness for me in his heart later.”

        With one sentence, Phoebe put the blame on Jacob, and did so in a very natural and reasonable manner.

        After all, it was Jacob who took the initiative to recommend Claire’s decoration company to Phoebe yesterday, so it was perfectly reasonable for Phoebe to meet with Claire for the sake of Jacob’s face and give priority to Claire for this project.

        Hearing this, Charlie wade was somewhat worried in his heart.

        What he was worried about was his wife Claire’s energy.

        He knew that Claire could not be idle, which was why he suggested that Claire start her own business, but he did not expect that after she started her business, she would become a workaholic and work almost all year round.

        It was because he saw that Claire was too busy working that Charlie wade did not want her to continue to take on new projects.

        However, as Phoebe said, Phoebe also had to give face to Jacob, so she still had to go and have a chat with Claire.

        Charlie wade also knew in his heart that if Claire really wanted to take on this project then, he would not be able to oppose it.

        So, he said helplessly, “Miss Zhan, let’s just take a look at the villa first.”

        Phoebe nodded and gladly said, “Okay Mr. Wade, please come in.”

        Once inside the villa, Charlie wade found that most of the Quinton family’s furniture was still here, only that the more personal items had all completely disappeared.

        While leading Charlie wade inside, Phoebe introduced to Charlie wade, “All these furniture and appliances were basically left behind by the previous original owner, but I plan to give them directly to the recycling company, so that they can empty them all out and then remove all the original decoration and renovate them.”

        In fact, Phoebe did not care about this villa.

        The reason why she bought this villa was because she guessed that Charlie wade might be a feng shui master, so she bought the villa first, leaving a front to facilitate her approach to Charlie wade.

        So she originally had no intention of renovating it or even living in it.

        However, after knowing that Charlie wade’s wife Claire had opened a decoration company, she moved to decorate it, but not to live in it, but to take the opportunity to get to know Claire.

        After hearing this, Charlie wade said seriously, “Since Miss Zhan intends to redecorate it all, then actually the feng shui of the interior is not that important now, the overall feng shui of the house is not a problem, as for the future feng shui of the interior, you need to make specific adjustments according to the specific arrangements on the design plan after your side has finalized the design plan. “