The Real Dragon Chapter 3762

Wan Bajun was extremely efficient.

        He quickly replied to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, there is indeed a Chinese family with the surname of Zhan in France, the family’s strength is relatively average, and the total a*sets that can be counted are probably only around ten billion euros.”

        “Total a*sets are only ten billion euros?” Charlie wade was a little surprised and asked, “There are no major projects that have been missed, right?”

        Wan Bajun explained, “Mr. Wade, I dare not say that this is 100% without any omissions, but the overall deviation will not be too great.”

        Hearing this, Charlie wade’s heart was even more puzzled.

        This Zhan family, with total a*sets of around ten billion euros, which translated to less than one hundred billion RMB, was even worse than the Song family.

        Therefore, Charlie wade felt that there was something fishy about this matter.

        So, Charlie wade gave Graham Quinton a call.

        Once the call came through, he heard Graham Quinton’s surprised voice: “Master Wade, why are you free to call me today?”

        Charlie wade asked curiously, “Master Quinton, your villa at Water Cloud Villa is sold?”

        Graham Quinton on the other end of the phone was clearly stunned and asked in surprise, “Master Wade, how did you know about this? It couldn’t be that Aurora told you, could it …… This girl, she asked me to keep it a secret every day, but I didn’t expect her to tell you directly herself ……”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Aurora didn’t tell me about this, it just happened that the person who bought your villa knew my father-in-law.”

        “Is that so?” Graham Quinton exclaimed, before he laughed helplessly, “It seems that I was wrong to blame Aurora.”

        He said, “Master Wade, it’s like this, the villas in Water Cloud Villa are really too far away from the city, not too convenient, so we live in a flat in the city most of the time, a while ago, didn’t Aurora say she wanted to live in Townsend One and be neighbours with you, Master Wade, she was particularly concerned about this, so we’ve been waiting for a suitable property to come out, and it just so happens that We’ve been waiting for a suitable property to come out, and we bought it as soon as a set of A03 came out some time ago.”

        At this point, Graham Quinton added, “Master Wade, don’t tell Aurora that I told you! Otherwise this girl will definitely be angry with me!”

        Charlie wade asked curiously, “Master Quinton, your business has been getting bigger and bigger recently, even if you bought Townsend One, there’s no need to sell Water Cloud Villa, right? It’s not like you’ve encountered any difficulties, is it?”

        Graham Quinton busily said, “No, no, during this period of time, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical has given the Quinton family too many orders, which has already made the Quinton family’s medicinal herb business multiply several times, allowing the Quinton family’s business to grow bigger and bigger, it’s just that I invested a large sum of money in Bozhou some time ago, so recently the funds on hand are a bit tight.”

        Charlie wade frowned: “Bozhou? I don’t seem to have heard much about this place.”

        Graham Quinton explained, “Master Wade, Bozhou is our largest medicinal herb trading centre and production base in China, but the city is relatively small, just a fourth-tier city, so it’s not very famous.”

        Charlie wade asked him, “Are you investing there, in medicinal herbs?”

        “Yes.” Graham Quinton explained, “I’m not going to hide it from you Master Wade, the volume of medicinal herbs I’m handling now is getting bigger and bigger, so I want to expand upstream a bit.”