The Real Dragon Chapter 3778

At this time, Jacob, who was in the car, also saw Benedict (Christopher’s wife) who was following Wendy over.

        After seeing the visitor, his jaw was about to drop to the ground and he said offhandedly, “My God …… Elaine …… has your broken mouth been enlightened in the Qixia Temple? How come when you shout Benedict, Benedict suddenly pops up?!”

        Elaine was also dumbfounded and muttered, “It shouldn’t be …… I haven’t even been to Qixia Temple for two or three years ……”

        Jacob said awkwardly, “This is too evil for you …… I thought I had seen a ghost alive.”

        Elaine settled down and said, “You don’t see Benedict is walking with Wendy? Maybe it was Wendy who called her back.”

        Jacob nodded gently and muttered, “That’s right, they are after all the real mother and son ……”

        At that moment, Christopher’s roar from the terrace made even Old Lady Wilson look in the direction of his finger.

        This time, she saw Benedict cowering behind Wendy, her face full of tension and fear.

        When it came to hating Benedict, Old Mrs. Wilson was no worse than Christopher.

        Apart from cuckolding her son, spoiling his wild seed, and even infecting him with a disease, the reason she hated Benedict the most was because she had stolen her hard-earned $100 from the supermarket and the $100 she had demanded for compensation after being slapped in the entrance hall of Townsend One.

        Two hundred dollars was not a lot of money, but in the old lady’s eyes, Benedict’s crime was enough to be shot eight times!

        In her opinion, Benedict could be forgiven for stealing a man, but not for stealing money!

        Moreover, stealing anyone’s money was no better than stealing Old Mrs. Wilson’s hard-earned money!

        She pointed at Benedict downstairs and cursed in a loud voice, “Benedict, you stole my money and still have the nerve to come back! Get the hell out of here and don’t ever come into my house!”

        Benedict was crying and didn’t know how to plead, but Wendy spoke up and said, “Grandma, I told Ma to come back! I hope you can forgive her this time for the sake of her being my mother.”

        “Don’t even think about it!” Old Mrs. Wilson blurted out almost without hesitation, “As long as my old woman is still alive, she Benedict will never be able to enter my family’s front door!”

        With that, she immediately said to Christopher, “Christopher! Call the police now and tell them that the thief who stole two hundred dollars of my hard-earned money has returned! Have the police officers come and arrest her for me! Sentence her to eight or ten years!”

        Wendy hurriedly said, “Grandma! If there’s a fault in this matter, it’s the fault of all of us, it’s never my mother’s fault alone! If you hadn’t been oppressing her at that time, not even allowing her to have a full meal, how could she have done such a thing!”

        Old Mrs. Wilson said with great emotion, “Wendy, think about it, why didn’t I feed this b*tch? It’s because she has done a lot of things wrong to your father! Not only has she wronged your father, but she has also wronged you and Hai Long, and she has even wronged me and the ancestors of our Wilson family! She has disgraced our Wilson family!”

        As soon as Old Madam Wilson said this, Christopher echoed her words, “Wendy! Your grandmother is absolutely right, your mother has disgraced our whole family, and I’ve been ruined by her too! She ran away on her own, but now you’re bringing her back, isn’t that just giving us a hard time? Tell her to get lost and never come back!”