The Real Dragon Chapter 3790

By the afternoon, the intelligence system of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall had not yet fed back any useful information.

        However, Charlie wade had already decided that no matter who this Zhan Feier really was, he would first control the six-star martial artist beside her tonight.

        At five o’clock in the afternoon, he forwarded the address sent by Don Albert to Phoebe.

        After that, he drove the BMW 530 that his old husband had earlier and headed to the farmhouse in the countryside.

        Phoebe was at the hotel at this moment, dressing up.

        She had changed into a hand-sewn white Hermès couture dress, and had her long hair elegantly coiled up at the back of her head, with a black hairpin to hold the coiled hair in place, before taking a pair of flawless pearl earrings and carefully putting them on.

        Her clothes were modern but her accessories were antique, and rather than being out of place on her body, they were surprisingly harmonious.

        With a simple touch of make-up, Flynn’s face was more than a notch above her usual plain face.

        After she had finished packing, she received an address from Charlie wade.

        When she saw that the address was a farmhouse, she was a bit stunned and didn’t look back for a while.

        She had thought that Charlie wade would probably choose the Tian Xiang House, but she had not expected that he would choose a farmhouse located in the outskirts of Aurous Hill.

        Moreover, it was really the kind of farmhouse restaurant that opened in a farmhouse.

        Because it had been written on the address: the restaurant was called Liu Lao Si Farmhouse Iron Pot Stew, address: Liu Jia Zhuang Village, Group 3, No. 7, East of National Road 104.

        In addition to sending her the address, Charlie wade also added a text message, “Miss Flynn, you’ve been in France for a long time and are used to eating French food, so you probably haven’t eaten the local food restaurants in China, this iron pot goose stew tastes especially good, I’ll go over and pick a goose to kill and stew, so you can probably eat it when you arrive.”

        Phoebe had never eaten iron pot stew in all her life, and could not imagine at all, what this kind of farmhouse restaurant, was like, and what the so-called iron pot stew, was exactly.

        So, she hurriedly took out her mobile phone and searched for pictures of iron pot stew. When she saw the picture of a group of people sitting around a brick-built earthen stove and eating from a huge black iron pot, Phoebe was dumbfounded.

        She had never thought that Charlie wade would invite himself to such a place for dinner.

        She could not figure out whether he was too stingy or too casual.

        Otherwise, as a gentleman, he should always choose a restaurant with a little bit of style, right?

        However, she also knew that since it was Charlie wade’s invitation to dinner, she definitely couldn’t let him change the place.

        So, she had no choice but to pick up her mobile phone and call her personal bodyguard, Joel.

        As soon as the call came through, she instructed, “Mr. Joel, please arrange for your men to prepare a car, I have to go out in ten minutes.”

        Joel asked, “Miss, who’s coming with you?”

        Phoebe said, “Just you and me.”

        Joel asked her, “Isn’t Miss Rukky coming with you?”

        Phoebe said, “Shan Shan is out talking to Charlie wade’s wife about the contract, and she also has to take her to the villa in Shui Yun Villa to measure the house, so I guess she should be up late.”

        “Understood.” Joel immediately said, “Please wait for a moment, I’ll let you know when the car is ready.”


        After hanging up the phone, Phoebe was in a very happy mood, and even vaguely cheered.

        She felt that the fact that Charlie wade had taken the initiative to invite himself to dinner was proof that her humane offensive had had a practical effect.

        And what she had to do now was to do everything possible to draw closer to Charlie wade before the auction started.

        In this way, the Spring Return Pill that Grandpa wanted would have a double insurance policy.

        If it could not be auctioned off at the auction, at least she could still try to mediate with Charlie wade through personal friendship.