The Real Dragon Chapter 3798

Just as Joel’s three outlooks were turned upside down and his heart was greatly shaken, a business car drove up to the entrance of the farmhouse.

        As soon as the car stopped, the electric door in the back opened directly, followed by Don Albert stepping out of the car and waiting quietly at the door.

        When Joel looked back, he was inwardly nervous to the extreme. He thought that Charlie wade must be trying to kidnap his own lady by making such a show.

        So, he subconsciously tried to loudly report to Phoebe inside the compartment.

        But to his surprise, his voice was stuck in his throat and he could not get it out.

        He stared at Charlie wade in fear, wondering what method he had used to make himself unable to make a sound.

        At this time, Charlie wade smiled lightly and patted him on the shoulder, and instantly a few auras were transferred into him, sealing Joel’s consciousness firmly inside his body just like he had sealed the consciousness of Jerold of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.

        Afterwards, Charlie wade looked into his eyes and spoke, “You don’t need to be afraid, I won’t take your life for now, just need to work hard for you to change your place to rest and rest, besides the conditions over there are not very good, you still need to overcome it.”

        With that, he pointed to Don Albert’s commercial vehicle and said to Joel, “Here, go up yourself.”

        Joel found that he was now completely unable to control his own body, and his whole body was even more terrified to the extreme, completely unaware of how exactly Charlie wade had managed to do it!

        When he realised that his body had turned around and walked towards the commercial vehicle completely uncontrollably, his entire person was immediately thrown into extreme despair.

        This was because he had already realised that he had completely lost control of his body, and that his body was, to his surprise, being manipulated by Charlie wade’s orders.

        Therefore, he could only watch as he got into that business car.

        When Don Albert saw Joel, his eyes widened in surprise, then he ran all the way to Charlie wade’s side and said in a low voice, “Master wade, I’ve seen this man before!”

        Charlie wade asked curiously, “Where did you meet him?”

        Don Albert busily said, “The other day there was this group of people who directly chartered a month’s worth of gold boxes at my Tian Xiang Mansion, and a handful of them gave more than ten million dollars for meals and came over for two meals every day, and among them was him!”

        Charlie wade was slightly stunned and could not help but frown, his expression somewhat playful as he said, “It seems that this is a long time to keep an eye on me ah …… this woman does have a child something ……”

        After saying that, he immediately said to Don Albert: “You hurry up and take the man back, remember never to get his face caught on the surveillance.”

        I’ve arranged for the cameras in the area to be destroyed. I’ll have the car drive in the direction of the city and go to the lower road 20 kilometres away. As for this car, it will go all the way south to Suhang along National Highway 104.”

        Speaking of this, Don Albert said confidently, “This way, even if others check all the cars pa*sing by on National Highway 104 today, it will be impossible to find another car.”

        Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and smiled, “Not bad, Don Albert, you are getting more and more detailed.”

        Don Albert heatedly laughed, “Hey Master wade, I’m actually not good at this kind of thing, but Mr. Cameron taught me a lot before, he’s a pro at this!”

        Charlie wade nodded, Isaac Cameron was naturally better than Don Albert in terms of brains, but Don Albert had been in contact with him more and had indeed improved a lot.

        With that, he spoke, “Alright, since you’ve made all the arrangements, just hurry up and go.”

        Don Albert waved his hand at Charlie wade and said respectfully, “Master wade, I will go then.”

        Charlie wade nodded, “Go on.”