The Real Dragon Chapter 3802

As time pa*sed by, Phoebe became more and more nervous and panicked.

        After not hearing from Joel for a long time, and not even being able to get through on the phone, she hurriedly sent a message to her grandfather, Garet, reporting the sudden situation that had just occurred.

        At the moment, the matter was more difficult than Phoebe’s ability and the strength of others around her, so she could only seek guidance and help from her grandfather.

        At this moment, Garet is half lying in bed, surrounded by servants who are serving him a special nutritious breakfast, spoonful by spoonful.

        Recently, his health had been deteriorating.

        After waking up every day, he doesn’t even have the strength to go for a walk, and even sitting motionlessly is physically exhausting.

        Therefore, he is confined to bed rest for the vast majority of the time.

        His health care team, just two days ago, gave him a full a*sessment of his physical condition.

        The experts believe that he is at the end of his natural ageing process and that the time he has left cannot be measured in years.

        So, deep down, Fei is only looking forward to two things.

        One is good news for his granddaughter, Phoebe.

        The other was that he would be able to win the Spring Return Pill at the auction at the end of the month!

        Now that he had suddenly received a message from Phoebe, Fei Jianxin could not help but feel a little excited.

        He hurriedly picked up his phone with a trembling hand and tapped the text message open with his own hands.

        However, when he saw the content, his whole body was struck by lightning, and he couldn’t control his phone and it slipped out of his hand!

        “Joel has actually disappeared…… this…… how is this possible……”

        Garet was instantly horrified, so he immediately said to the servant beside him, “Quick! Quickly go get Master Yuan!”

        Soon, a middle-aged man dressed in a black Tang suit and black cloth shoes stepped into the room.

        This middle-aged man looked to be in his forties, and walked not too fast, but as if he was carrying a swift wind.

        This man was Yuan Zixu, the personal bodyguard who had been with Garet for many years.

        Yuan Zixu’s actual age this year is already sixty to six.

        Twenty-six years ago, he was ordered by his master to enter the world to protect Garet, and because he was brave and resourceful, he helped Garet so much that he was respected by Garet as Master Yuan.

        In the past twenty-six years, he had already broken through to a six-star martial artist, but in the past twenty-six years, because he had spent much of his energy on protecting and a*sisting Garet, his cultivation had slowed down considerably, and to date, he had only broken through to a seven-star martial artist.

        Joel, on the other hand, is his fellow disciple.

        According to the requirements of his master, Yuan Zixu was originally scheduled to serve the Flynn family for thirty years, and would return to his master’s retreat after four years.

        Therefore, the division had sent Joel several years ago to prepare to take over from him.

        Joel had spent most of his time protecting Garet’s eldest son, Phoebe’s eldest uncle. This time, Phoebe was ordered to go to China to look for clues to the Spring Return Pill, so Garet specially asked Joel to protect Phoebe all the way.

        However, Joel had disappeared for no apparent reason after arriving in Aurous Hill for only a few days!

        He went to Garet’s bedside, bowed slightly and asked, “What do you want me to do, Master Flynn?”

        Garet said, “Master Yuan, Phoebe has just sent word that Joel has disappeared! Phoebe suspects that he has met with an untimely death!”

        “What?!” Yuan Zixu was instantly stunned and blurted out, “That’s impossible! Joel is a six-star martial artist, so he has no rival in the martial arts field in China, how could he have met an untimely end?”