The Real Dragon Chapter 3858

“Master Wade?” Ermao’s neck shrank, and the first image that came to his mind was when Charlie wade killed the Zhen Nan Double Furies in the rain.

                So, he hurriedly asked, “Brother Kui, you …… know Grandmaster Wade?”

                Dong Kui arched his hand and said, “Grandmaster Wade is a figure that my elder brother’s elder brother, Master Don Albert, respects very much, a small character like me, although I have been a god friend of Grandmaster Wade for a long time, I have not had the chance to get to know him.”

                When Ermao heard the words “God-friends for a long time”, he couldn’t hold back his laughter for a moment and let out a, “Pfft.”

                Seeing this, Dong Kui threw a slap at his head and cursed, “What the f*ck are you laughing at! Is there something wrong with me worshipping Master Wade?”

                Ermao said, “Brother Kui, there is certainly nothing wrong with you worshipping Grandmaster Wade, the term “divine friendship” is not appropriate here, divine friendship applies to two people with similar status, position and style of dealing ……”

                When Dong Kui heard this, he hurriedly said, “All right, all right, stop it, I didn’t say anything other than that I worship Master Wade!”

                He looked at Ermao and said, “But, Ermao, you’re a good old boy! How can you even know Grandmaster Wade! Just now Master Wade instructed Master Albert to send someone to look for you, saying that he was looking for you for something!”

                Ermao was surprised and asked, “Master Wade wants to see me? Brother Kui, you’re not joking with me, are you?”

                Dong Kui cursed and said, “I’ve got nothing better to do than to joke with you!”

                With that, Dong Kui pointed to the pile of fake antiques on his stall and urged, “Hurry up and pack up all your things and bring them with you, I’ll take you to see Master Wade!”

                Ermao hurriedly said, “Okay, okay, Brother Kui, wait a moment, I’ll pack up now!”

                Soon, Ermao took the pile of fake antiques that he had been making a living out of and followed Dong Kui to Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace without stopping.

                The car had just arrived at the entrance of Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace when it was stopped by an expert from the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace.

                Don Albert immediately went forward to communicate before Ermao was brought in.

                Even though Charlie wade had personally said that he wanted to see Ermao for something, the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace still gave Ermao, as well as everything he was carrying, a very thorough security check to make sure that there was nothing wrong with him before letting Don Albert take him in.

                Ermao was usually just a small trader begging for food in the antique street, with little ability and little strength.

                When he came across Dong Kui on the antique street, he had to nod and bow with a fawning face, and now when he saw Don Albert, a big shot, he was so nervous that he couldn’t even walk.

                Seeing that he was always stumbling, Don Albert couldn’t help but urge him, “I say, old brother, why don’t you hurry up?”

                Ermao hurriedly ran a few steps faster and asked nervously, “Master Five, Master Five …… I am Ermao, I have admired you for a long time, but I have never had the chance to meet you ……”

                Don Albert waved his hand and said, “You know Master Wade, much more useful than knowing me, don’t worry, after today I will say hello to Caesar and ask his little brother to take care of you more in the antique street.”

                When Ermao heard this, he was thrilled beyond words, and he bowed and said, “Thank you so much, Master Albert!”

                Don Albert was busy saying, “Don’t thank me, if you want to thank me, you have to thank Master Wade, I’m doing this entirely on Master Wade’s behalf.”

                “Yes, yes, yes!” Ermao hurriedly said, “Thank you, Master Wade! Thank you too, Fifth Master!”