The Real Dragon Chapter 3866

Bernard Elnor did not expect that Charlie wade would immediately flip out when he said he would.

                He did not dare to joke about the auction qualification. Although he was sitting on a family fortune of over a trillion dollars, it could be said that this family fortune was worth nothing once he had no life to enjoy.

                So, almost instantly, he was cowed and hurriedly changed his face to one of a lowered tone and pleaded, “Don’t be angry, sir, let’s talk about it! Please tell your General Manager Cameron that I am willing to match the goods!”

                After saying that, he stretched out his trembling hand and pointed at the heirloom jade seal in Ermao’s arms, gritting his teeth, “Isn’t that the heirloom jade seal? I’ll buy it!”

                Charlie wade grunted and said, “You might not have enough just to buy a heirloom jade seal ……”

                Bernard Elnor’s heart gave a twitch, clenched his fist and asked in a trembling voice, “Then …… then what else do you want me to buy?!”

                After saying that, he glanced at Ermao’s bulging bag of fake goods and said hastily, “How about I buy that bronze wine bottle just now too! That’s always fine, right?”

                Charlie wade shook his head, pulled out the sales list he had made at lunchtime when he was dispensing goods in the shop, and spoke, “Look for yourself, our boss has dispensed dozens of items, big and small, in your shop, and now you’re only dispensing two items with us, that’s a bit unjustified, isn’t it?”

                Bernard Elnor blurted out, “But …… but all the allotments in that list of yours only add up to one million RMB! This …… heirloom jade seal is 300 or 400 million for one, it’s already exceeded hundreds of times from the amount, you can’t be so ruthless even if you are retaliating ……”

                Charlie wade said in a serious manner: “We are all businessmen, we are talking about courtesy and exchange, if you insist on describing this courtesy and exchange as revenge, it is a bit meaningless, I just said that we do not do things that are forced to buy and sell, if you are not happy, we can also stop doing this business.”

                “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault ……” Bernard Elnor was completely scared, he knew that right now this several hundred million or a billion RMB allotment was a small matter, the most frightening thing was that in case he successfully auctioned off the Spring Return Pill at a price of over ten billion USD at the auction. If the organiser suddenly asked him to reallocate the goods on the spot, that would be a truly astronomical amount!

                So, he hurriedly bowed his hand to Charlie wade and said, “This gentleman, just now, I used my words inappropriately, please don’t take it personally …… just tell me directly how much and which goods I need to allocate, as long as it is within my affordability, I won’t say one more word! “

                I will not say another word as long as I can afford it!” he said, with a bit of pleading, “Also, please tell your boss that I sincerely apologize to him, and from now on, I will arrange someone to prepare two copies of any of my brands and any of my products for your boss, even if there are dozens of different shades of the same model, I will arrange someone to send two copies of each shade to him. I only ask him to be noble and let me off the hook in the future.”

                Charlie wade said indifferently, “Let’s talk about the future later, let’s talk about your dispensing first.”

                Saying that, he waved his hand at Ermao and ordered, “Ermao, you bring out both the heirloom jade seal and the bronze wine bottle for Mr. Elnor.”

                “Okay.” Ermao nodded hastily and diligently brought out the two fake relics and placed them on the table.

                Charlie wade then added: “Take another look at what other good things you have in there and match a few more to our Mr. Elnor.”

                Ermao hurriedly opened the parcel, searched inside for a moment and retrieved a scroll, then handed it to Charlie wade and said, “Master Wade, this is something good, open it and take a look.”

                Charlie wade took the scroll in his hand and as soon as it was in his hand, he could feel that it was made of old rice paper and was definitely a modern painting.

                He then opened the painting slowly and was taken aback when he saw the full picture.

                This …… was actually a pair of world cla*sic paintings – the Mona Lisa.

                Moreover, it was the Mona Lisa in the style of Chinese national painting!

                Bernard Aylneau wanted to die when he saw it.

                In his opinion, this was no longer as simple as insulting his intelligence, was it?

                Charlie wade himself was dumbfounded and looked up at Ermao, his eyes full of questions.

                Subsequently, Charlie wade gave him a wink, which meant: I really don’t know how to blow this sh*t out of you, it’s better for you to do it yourself.