The Real Dragon Chapter 3987

“A fragment of the Spring Returning Pill?!”

                Hearing this, Jasmine was astonished and couldn’t help but ask: “Master Wade, what do you mean by this Spring Return Dan fragment?”

                Charlie wade smiled and said, “It is a kind of virtual coin in our software, this kind of virtual coin is not sold to the public, and users are not allowed to trade with each other in any way, moreover, this kind of rejuvenation dan fragment is not linked to any currency money, it only has a fixed exchange rate with rejuvenation dan.”

                Saying that, Charlie wade added: “This exchange rate is set at 10,000 Echoing Spring Dan fragments equal to one Echoing Spring Dan.”

                “As long as whoever can collect 10,000 Spring Return Dan fragments in this software by completing the various tasks I issue, they will be able to come to me in Aurous Hill to exchange for one complete Spring Return Dan.”

                Speaking here, Charlie wade continued, “This group of people is spread all over the world, and they all have their own resources as well as their own areas of expertise. clear, whoever helps me investigate first will get these one hundred Spring Returning Pill fragments.”

                Jasmine brightened up and said offhandedly, “In that case, I’m afraid that the most important thing they do every day is to take up tasks on the software ……”

                Charlie wade nodded and said seriously, “If I want this group of people to work for me, I must leave them a chance to get the Spring Return Pill by working for me, they are particularly desperate for it now, like rats that are starving and desperately circling around the granary.”

                “It’s just that this granary of mine is built too sturdily and doesn’t leave any opening for them to burrow in, so as long as I open a small opening slightly, they will desperately burrow in, even if the opening is so small that they have to get bruised all over in the process, but as long as they can still burrow in alive and live to eat the grain inside, they will do whatever it takes. “

                “Only in this way can I make this group of people put aside their status, position, principles and dignity and do whatever it takes to be of use to me.”

                Jasmine was suddenly enlightened.

                She originally thought that the fragment of Spring Return Pill that Charlie wade was talking about should be some sort of mini-game embedded into the software, or a small benefit like signing up and giving away experience.

                But to her surprise, Charlie wade was directly planning to create a new set of channels for this group of people to obtain the Spring Return Pill in this software.

                This channel was much more likely for them than the auction, because the auction was too cruel and depended on money, and those who did not have enough money could only watch as others successfully auctioned for the Spring Return Pill.

                In this new access, money was not really important, what mattered was who could best solve Charlie wade’s most practical needs.

                This was much more flexible and varied for Charlie wade.

                He could use the auction to turn the Spring Return Dan into money, and even more so, he could use the Spring Return Dan fragments on this software to turn the Spring Return Dan into whatever he wanted.

                He can use the Echoing Spring Dan for information, the Echoing Spring Dan for resources, the Echoing Spring Dan for contacts, the Echoing Spring Dan for everything.

                Even, if he wanted to, he could trade the Spring Return Dan for someone else’s life.

                This instantly brought the efficacy of the Spring Return Pill, to the extreme!

                Jasmine admired Charlie wade’s conception to the point of no return at this point, but while marvelling, a question came to mind, so she pursued it, “Master Wade, if it’s 10,000 Spring Return Dan fragments to exchange for one Spring Return Dan, then collecting 10,000 Spring Return Dan fragments, would that be a little too far for them?”

                “For example, if each of your missions rewards one hundred Spring Return Dan fragments, then at least one hundred missions must be completed before you can collect ten thousand, this is indeed too difficult, I am afraid that they will lose motivation when they think of this ……”