The Real Dragon Chapter 3988

                Charlie wade laughed, “Although 10,000 Spring Returning Dan fragments are equal to one Spring Returning Dan, it doesn’t mean that you must save up all 10,000 Spring Returning Dan fragments before you can start exchanging them.”

                Charlie wade said, and continued, “When the time comes, I will set the minimum redemption threshold to one tenth of a solid Spring Return Pill by collecting one thousand Spring Return Pills;”

                “This way, the hope won’t be too slim for these people.”

                Jasmine nodded and said, “Master Wade, our auction is only held once a year, so does this Spring Return Dan fragment of yours have to be redeemed every year at the time of the auction, or can he come to Aurous Hill to redeem it at any time as long as he has saved up a thousand fragments?”

                Charlie wade said with a smile on his face, “When our auction centre is completed, I will reserve a Spring Return Pill exchange centre inside, all those who want to exchange Spring Return Pills will only need to make an appointment a few days in advance, and they can come to the exchange centre at the appointed time to exchange the Spring Return Pills, this will also further increase their enthusiasm.”

                Saying that, Charlie wade added, “Although saving Spring Return Dan fragments may sound difficult, but with hard work, perhaps a few years or a dozen years can still be achieved, for those who are still in their prime, or just entering their old age, they can now treat it as a long term goal to achieve slowly.”

                Jasmine agreed, “Indeed, those who are in a hurry and are very rich can pin their hopes on the auction, while another group of people who are very rich but not at the top of the scale can pin their hopes on coming to Aurous Hill to invest and enter our high-end health and wellness real estate projects, and as for those who are not in a hurry and have slightly less a*sets than the first two, they can completely slowly save for themselves in this way. themselves to save up one and a half rejuvenation pills out!”

                “Right.” Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “This is the effect I want.”

                After saying that, Charlie wade added: “Don’t release the news about this matter, first have someone develop the software, after the software is developed, also don’t open the function of the Spring Return Dan fragment for the time being, when you need to use this function, directly open the permission in the software, and then just push the rules of play to them.”

Jasmine immediately said, “Okay Master Wade, I will start arranging this, and I will make sure to keep it confidential.”

                Charlie wade gave a hmph and said, “There’s nothing else, I’ll spend the next two days with my wife to prepare for my trip abroad, I’ll leave directly in a couple of days, you can contact me by phone or WeChat if there’s anything.”

                “Good!” Jasmine couldn’t hide her envy and said, “Master Wade, your wife is so happy ……”

                Charlie wade asked casually, “Is that so?”

                Jasmine nodded and said, “Of course! Even an ordinary person would find it hard to spare more than a month to accompany his wife to go abroad for further studies, let alone you …… So Ms. Wilson is really too happy ……”

                Charlie wade smiled to himself and said, “You only see that I am going to accompany her to the United States for further studies this time, but during this period of time, all kinds of things come and go, and every now and then I have to run to foreign countries or even abroad, in fact I neglect her quite a lot.”

                Jasmine suddenly recalled that when she was in danger in Japan, Charlie wade had rushed to Japan overnight to rescue her, and she could not help but feel a strong sense of love and warmth in her heart.

                So, she said to Charlie wade, “Master Wade, when you go to the United States this time, you should also give yourself a break, I will definitely do my best to do the things you have given me, please don’t worry!”