The Real Dragon Chapter 3992

                So she put the matter to the back of her mind and smiled, “Let’s just ignore it for now, maybe one day she’ll come over to us after she’s done.”

                At this time, Charlie wade had also completed the check-in procedures and handed his luggage to the waiter to take upstairs first, then came to the two of them and said, “The procedures have been completed, would Ms Vester like to come up and sit with us?”

                Kelly West shook her head with a smile and said, “I won’t go over there, you guys go back to your rooms and pack up first, I’ll wait for you in the dining room, but you don’t need to rush, we’ll eat just after seven.”

                Mr. and Mrs. Charlie wade then said goodbye to Kelly West for the time being and took the lift to the presidential suite on the top floor first.

                As soon as they entered the lift, Claire said to Charlie wade, “Honey, Kairi couldn’t contact Miss Zhan even in the past two days, she won’t be in any trouble, right?”

                Charlie wade laughed, “I don’t think so, a rich girl like her, who enjoys life in all kinds of ways every day, what kind of trouble could she be in?”

                Claire said, “But that shouldn’t mean that she can’t be contacted, her phone is switched off, her messages aren’t returned, and there’s no response to her WeChat messages.”

                Charlie wade said casually, “I think the odds are that she has something important to do back in France and will probably go back to Aurous Hill after a while.”

                “Alright.” Claire nodded gently and didn’t think any more about it.

                Charlie wade led Claire to the presidential suite on the top floor, and the moment the door brushed open, what caught his eyes was the oversized living room with an area of over a hundred square meters.

                Because of the high floor, one side of the living room was covered with floor-to-ceiling gla*s windows, so that the entire city of Providence could be seen, and even the entire Rhode Island School of Design could be seen from here.

                As soon as she saw this living room, Claire was stunned speechless and asked offhandedly, “Honey …… you …… what what type of room did you book? How come it’s so big ……”

                Charlie wade laughed, “This is their presidential suite, at the southernmost end of the entire top floor, a little better privacy and a little better environment.”

                Claire was surprised and asked, “You wouldn’t have booked a presidential suite for a month ……”

                Charlie wade said with a smile, “A month is definitely not enough, I booked it for forty days, if there is a change in my schedule I will extend my stay again.”

                Claire said: “Forty days here, I’m afraid it will cost a million …… husband, this is too extravagant …… Why don’t we change the room, for the two of us, an ordinary one-room suite will be enough ……”

                Charlie wade seriously said, “Claire, you are here to further your education, when the time comes, in addition to cla*ses at school every day, you will certainly have to come back to review, draw, do all kinds of homework, how can you do without a separate study room? Besides, you usually go to school for cla*ses, I must be bored to death staying alone in the hotel, this presidential suite is large, it can somewhat relieve some of that, otherwise, it won’t be long before I can’t stand it.”

                Once Claire heard this, she hurriedly said, “Honey, it’s really hard for you, coming all this way to accompany me ……”

                Charlie wade gave her a gentle scratch on her nose and laughed, “I am your husband, this kind of situation is definitely incumbent on me.”

                Claire nodded and said, “I’ll go check our bedroom first, you help me bring in the luggage from the living room, I’ll simply tidy up!”

                “Okay.” Charlie wade agreed, and Claire then hurriedly went to look for the bedroom.

                This presidential suite was so large that one simply didn’t know what each room was for without getting familiar with it first.

                Charlie wade then prepared to go and take his luggage, when the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated.

                He took it out by hand and glanced at it, and found that the message came from a phone number that started with +1.

                Charlie wade knew that the international area code for the whole of North America was +1, so instinctively he thought that the message might be the same as a welcome text message from some city in China, which opened to welcome to so-and-so city, but when he clicked on the text message, he suddenly found that it read, “Li Xiaofen is in trouble, please come to Vancouver quickly!”