The Real Dragon Chapter 4011

This short sentence of Charlie wade’s stunned Claudia completely.

                She subconsciously covered the scar on her face and asked offhandedly, “How …… did you see that?!”

                Charlie wade blandly said, “Although your scar is made very realistic, but that is only a visual effect, if it is a real scar, it is still a part of your body tissue, in other words, a real scar is alive, a fake scar made more realistic is only a material.”

                Charlie wade’s explanation made Claudia somewhat unable to understand.

                She could understand that the scars were fake, but she did not understand how Charlie wade could see that.

                To Charlie wade, the perception of aura far surpa*sed that of vision.

                The first time he saw Claudia, he realised that Claudia’s scar was completely devoid of any semblance of life.

                It was as if the most realistic imitation flower could only make an identical appearance, but not the life of the real flower itself.

                From this point alone, Charlie wade could tell that the scar on her face must be a fake.

                It was also at that moment that he concluded that there was something wrong with Claudia.

                Only, he had yet to understand what Claudia’s intention was in going to all the trouble to call herself to Canada.

                So he pressed on, “Claudia, I want you to tell me openly and honestly what danger is she in, Fanny?”

                Claudia hesitated for a moment and spoke, “Sister Fanny is now being targeted by the Italian crime syndicate in Vancouver, if you don’t take her away from Canada, Guo Lei and the others will soon make a move on Sister Fanny.”

                Charlie wade frowned and asked, “Xiao Fen is just a Chinese girl who runs a convenience store, she doesn’t have much background and doesn’t have much property, why is the crime syndicate targeting her? Is it because they want to kidnap her to extort ransom?”

                “No ……” Claudia said with unmistakable seriousness, “They are far more evil than kidnapping for ransom ……”

                At this point, Claudia added: “In the grey areas of Europe and America, the most profitable industries are drug bays and women, and this is especially true of women, because in this underground world, women are a zero-cost gold mine;”

                “They kidnap beautiful young women and smuggle them out of the country to be sold in Europe or the United States. The best looking and clean women are usually selected and packaged and sent to auctions in the underworld, where they can fetch over a million dollars or more.”

                “Those women who are of average quality, or no longer eligible for auction, are sold to the Algerian gangs operating in Europe, where they are usually coerced to keep engaging in that dirty flesh trade for the rest of their lives, until they lose their value and are killed and discarded ……”

                “Originally, the Italian group also did this kind of harm, and then after my father took charge, it was stopped altogether on my mother’s advice ……”

                “But in recent years, the Italian group in Vancouver has not had too good a time, Asian forces have been rising very fast in Canada over the years, the Chinese group, the Vietnamese group and the Korean group have been expanding, and the Americans are paying more and more attention to this place, the Italian group’s territory has been shrinking, so all revenues are declining sharply ……”

                “Guo Lei always suggested my father to cooperate with several large groups in Europe and America in the population business, kidnapping girls from Canada, especially kidnapping tourists, new immigrants or stowaways, and then smuggling them out of the country and handing them over to those large groups in Europe and America to cooperate in distribution, with almost no cost, and earning at least hundreds of millions of dollars a year, but my father never agreed, and it was because of this that he had a grudge against them;”

                “After my father was killed, they restarted this business, and recently there have been frequent cases of young women disappearing in and around Vancouver, in just two months, there have been more than twenty cases, but more than half of these are stowaways, so the Vancouver police also turned a blind eye.”

                When Charlie wade heard this, he couldn’t help but be blue in the face.

                He did not doubt the truthfulness of what Claudia said, because this world was never as peaceful and kind as ordinary people seemed to be.

                Don’t look at the highly developed economy in Europe and America, but the underworld in Europe and America was the dirtiest place in this world, bar none.

                And Claudia, herself the daughter of a former leader of the Mafia, must have heard something about these things.

                What angered him most was the fact that these gang members, who had hands and feet, were making huge profits from selling women, which was really outrageous.