The Real Dragon Chapter 4020

                Li Xiaofen then took this opportunity to give Charlie wade a good tour of the villa.

                At eight o’clock, Auntie Li, with the help of Claudia, prepared a sumptuous table for dinner.

                Li Xiaofen took out a bottle of juice from the fridge and said to Charlie wade with a smile, “Brother Charlie wade, there is no one at home to drink, so let’s use juice instead!”

                Charlie wade nodded, took the juice over and poured four cups.

                Auntie Li was in a particularly good mood, picked up her gla*s and said with a smile, “Come, let’s drink together and welcome Charlie wade to Canada!”

                Li Xiaofen immediately applauded and said with a smile, “Welcome brother Charlie wade, I also hope that brother Charlie wade will come to Vancouver to see us more often in the future!”

                Charlie wade lifted his cup and smiled, “Thank you for your hospitality Auntie Li, I will come over more often if I have time in the future.”

                Claudia was a little apprehensive, now that it was already dark, I was afraid that even if Charlie wade changed his mind and wanted to hurry up and take Li Xiaofen away, it would not be that easy.

                Therefore, her mind was not at all on dinner right now, but prayed silently that nothing unexpected must happen tonight.

                At this time, Li Xiaofen winked at Claudia while saying, “Claudia, you’re meeting brother Charlie wade for the first time today, have a drink with him.”

                Claudia smiled faintly, nodded, picked up the juice and said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, I’ll drink to you!”

                Li Xiaofen was busy saying, “Aiya, you shouldn’t call him Mr. Wade so rudely, call him brother Charlie wade like me!”

                Saying that, Li Xiaofen looked at Charlie wade again and said seriously, “Brother Charlie wade, but I treat Claudia like my own sister, and I’m your sister, Claudia is your sister’s sister, that’s the same as your sister, so you must treat her like your sister too ……”

                Charlie wade saw through Li Xiaofen’s mind at a glance and knew that she must have hoped that she had avenged Claudia’s bloodshed, so she had deliberately placed Claudia, her “sister”, on her head.

                Charlie wade himself admired Claudia, a young girl who never gave up despite her ill-fate, and he really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to give her a hand.

                So, he nodded along and smiled faintly, “In that case, then Claudia will be like Xiaofen and call me brother from now on, and if you encounter anything else in the future, just tell me directly, and I will definitely help you if I can.”

                Claudia hesitated for a moment and nodded somewhat moved.

                However, she swallowed back the words “Brother Charlie wade” just as they reached her mouth.

                She was a slow girl with a cold and solitary nature, so it was hard for her to let go completely at once.

                However, her heart was indeed full of gratitude to the three people in front of her.

                Auntie Li and Li Xiaofen need not be mentioned, but the fact that Charlie wade had met her for the first time but could say these words did give her a feeling of being protected.

                She was the eldest sister in her family and grew up without a brother to protect her, yet she had two younger brothers who needed her to take care of her at all times. Although she was indeed strong and good at taking care of others, very often, like other little girls, she wished deep down that she could have a brother who would take care of and protect her at all times, especially after her family suffered a huge change, this need in her heart became even stronger.

                This made her think back to what had happened at the convenience store today.

                When Huang Xingyu brought Li Haoyang and her two followers to the convenience store to bully her, it was Charlie wade who took the initiative to stand up for herself and protect her.

                However, she had never figured out what method Charlie wade had used to make Li Hao Yang, who had always been obedient to Huang Xingyu, suddenly seem to have lost his mind. It seemed as if Li Hao Yang had acted on his own impulse, but she felt as if things were not that simple…