The Real Dragon Chapter 4093

On the other end of the phone, a young man’s voice in his twenties spoke up and asked, “Feiyun, have the goods I ordered started to be dispatched?”

This man was the Flynn family’s most favoured young master today, Flynn Hao Yang.

Flynn Hao Yang was the eldest grandson of Phoebe’s eldest uncle, Flynn Shan Hai, and was the same age as Qiao Fei Yun, both being twenty-seven years old this year.

Although Flynn Hao Yang is a few years older than Phoebe, he is Phoebe’s cousin-nephew, and his father, Flynn Xuebin, is Phoebe’s oldest cousin.

The young Flynn Hao Yang was a very well-behaved and cruel playboy.

Although he ostensibly worked for the Flynn family’s investment foundation, he was really just a hang-out, spending most of his time and energy on hunting and looking for excitement.

When he was a teenager, Flynn was sent to the best public schools by his family, thus befriending a large number of wealthy children from extremely privileged families.

Some rich kids got together to study how to make money and make a career for themselves, but there were others who got together to find pleasure and excitement.

Flynn Hao Yang was one of the latter.

From his early teens, he had been practically untouchable, even growing more and more twisted inside, gradually developing a horrible taste for killing, especially sadistic killing.

But at that time, Flynn Hao Yang had little personal access or ability, and when he occasionally killed someone and needed the help of his family to wipe his a*s, he would inevitably be scolded by them, so he was relatively restrained.

Luckily, among his cla*smates, there is a shrewd and bold Qiao Feiyun.

In order to get closer to Flynn Hao Yang, he immediately tailors a perfect outlet for him to vent his frustrations after noticing Flynn Hao Yang’s special hobbies.

In the past, Flynn Hoang would need to pick his own prey, trick it into his hands himself, and then find his own way to dispose of the corpse after the abuse.

But Qiao Feiyun took the initiative and solved all his worries for him.

Qiao Feiyun would specifically find a large number of prey for him to choose from, and as soon as Flynn Hoang selected any of them, he was able to get his hands on the person immediately.

After a few times, Flynn Ho Yang became his first vip client, with the internal number vip001.

After that, Qiao Feiyun gradually attracted many rich kids with a twisted and perverted mentality like Flynn Haoyang, and he had more and more clients.

And this unconscionable chain of his has gradually improved and expanded.

He has created special venues for people like Flynn Hao Yang, where he can not only let these people vent their Best*ality in peace, but also take care of all their worries and dispose of the bodies and evidence in a seamless manner.

It is not uncommon in this world to cater to the wicked taste of the rich.

In some African countries, there has been a legal business of paying to hunt cherished wildlife, and wealthy people in Europe and America who love hunting have travelled to Africa to hunt just to satisfy their hunting hobby.

A lion costs $20,000, an elephant $30,000 and a rhinoceros $50,000, and the agencies in Africa have long been putting a price tag on these rare animals for the rich to shoot and enjoy.

Some rich people’s bad hobbies hit the ceiling here, but there are a few rich people whose ceilings are much higher than that.

They have hobbies that are far more cruel than hunting rare animals.

For them, they are willing to pay ten, twenty, or even a hundred times more than $50,000, but the prey, must be changed from rhinoceros, to live human beings.

And, they are more than willing to pay a higher price to ensure that they don’t get into any trouble afterwards.

In short, their demand is to spend the most money, do the most poisonous thing, and not have to suffer any consequences.