The Real Dragon Chapter 4106

Seeing that he had successfully aroused Flynn Hoang’s interest, Qiao Feiyun respectfully introduced, “My idea is that you take the lead in cooperating with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to hold a charity fundraising dinner in New York, and you can first put up twenty million dollars as part of the charity fund, and claim to the public that the money will be used specifically to set up a charity fund.”

        Flynn Hao Yang nodded, then wiggled his fingers slightly and spoke, “Go on!”

        Qiao Feiyun continued, “When you advertise to the public, say that this charity fund will be used specifically to improve the living and educational conditions of all Chinese orphans in North America, although I don’t know if the Chinese Chamber of Commerce is interested in this kind of charity activity, but you are after all the young master of the Flynn family, if you can find the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to cooperate, they will definitely be flattered, and even if they are not willing to do charity, they will definitely actively cooperate with you, so there won’t be any problem with the whole plan up to this point.”

        “Well, that makes sense.” Flynn Hao Yang nodded slightly in approval, and asked, “And then?”

        Qiao Feiyun then said, “Then you will set a time with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for the dinner to start, say right after Stephanie’s arrival in New York and before the New York concert, so that we can ensure that Stephanie will be in New York at that time and will most likely be able to find the time to attend;”

        “I presume that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce is now busy with the publicity and matchmaking related to Stephanie’s concert, but they dare not neglect you even more, so both matters will definitely be on the highest level by then;”

        “So, you can easily and naturally hear about Stephanie’s concert from them in the process of docking with them;”

        “When the time comes, you should go along with it, mention it to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and say that Miss Gu(Sun) is the light of the Chinese, if she can appreciate her face, it will certainly have a great impact on the auction, and if she can appreciate her face, you personally pledge an additional twenty million dollars, when Stephanie knows about it, the probability is that she will appreciate her face!”

        This way, we will have enough time to prepare the venue, so we can dig a foolproof trap in advance, and if we can lure Stephanie out, it will be easy to deal with her! “

        When Flynn Hao Yang heard this, his eyes lit up!

        He said with a look of admiration, “What a great way to lure a snake out of a hole, brilliant!”

        After saying that, he hurriedly asked again, “Feiyun, what do you think the chances of her falling for it are?”

        Qiao Feiyun thought about it and said seriously, “I think it’s at least 90%!”

        Flynn Hao Yang asked, “Why are you so sure?”

        Qiao Feiyun explained, “Young Master Flynn, think about it, Stephanie is pa*sionate about charity, so if we hold a charity dinner, isn’t that just like throwing a charity dinner? If you don’t even go to the charity dinner when you are invited, you will be scolded to death. I believe this matter will most likely be agreed by Stephanie by then.”

        When Flynn Hao Yang heard this, he nodded his head in delight and said, “It makes sense, it does make sense! Then I will communicate with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce tomorrow to set the charity dinner in motion!”

        Qiao Feiyun instructed, “Young Master Flynn, once this matter is finalised, you must immediately launch a public opinion campaign to let all North American Chinese know about this charity dinner, so that if Stephanie intends to refuse, the influence of the charity dinner will also put more pressure on her!”