The Real Dragon Chapter 4116

        Inspired by Chen Duo Duo, Stephanie went back to her single lounge alone with her mobile phone.

        As soon as she entered the lounge, she immediately sent a voice call to Charlie wade.

        At this moment, Charlie wade was lying on the lazy sofa in the hotel, bored.

        Claire had gone to cla*s, so he was alone in the hotel with nothing to do, bored out of his mind.

        After arriving in New York, it was as if the kid had used a vanishment technique and instantly disappeared without a trace, leaving not even a scent behind.

        When he saw that Stephanie had sent him a voice, Charlie wade pressed connect at the first opportunity.

        The sweet voice of Stephanie immediately came from the other side of the phone, “Brother Charlie wade, are you busy?”

        “No ……” Charlie wade stretched out and smiled, “I’m being lazy, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong?”

        Stephanie said in a somewhat petulant tone, “It’s like this brother Charlie wade, I’m not going to America soon, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in New York happens to have a charity dinner and wants to invite me to attend ……”

        “A charity dinner ……” Charlie wade didn’t think much about it and said with a smile, “If you have time, go, but if you don’t have time or are too tired, you can also find an excuse to decline.”

        Stephanie was busy saying, “Actually I do want to go because the theme of this charity dinner is very meaningful, it was set up for the Chinese orphans in North America.”

        “Oh ……” Charlie wade laughed, “It sounds quite meaningful, but you should also take into account your actual situation and not add too much burden to yourself.”

        Stephanie’s voice instantly dropped a few notches and she said shyly, “Brother Charlie wade …… I’m calling you actually to ask you if you have time to accompany me on the 11th …… You’re not far from New York anyway.”

        When Charlie wade heard Stephanie’s request, his first thought was to politely decline.

        After all, Stephanie was a big star, and the charity dinner was a public occasion, so if he accompanied her, it would inevitably lead to media coverage and speculation, which might add to unnecessary trouble.

        Stephanie seemed to have guessed what Charlie wade was worried about, so she hurriedly said, “Brother Charlie wade, if you are worried about media exposure, I can speak to the organisers and ask them not to invite any media to the venue.”

        Charlie wade was still hesitating when Stephanie pouted, “Brother Charlie wade, just accompany me on the trip, if you are worried about the time being too long, I can have someone arrange a helicopter for you then, flying from your place to New York, one hour is enough, the round trip is only two hours, plus attending the charity dinner, you only need to spare a total of four hours for me, it won’t It won’t delay anything for you, okay ……”

        At this time, Charlie wade’s heart had already been loosened a bit, at this time, his mind suddenly remembered the Qiao Feiyun who disappeared in New York and whose whereabouts were unknown, he could not help but have a few worries about Stephanie’s safety, after thinking about it, he said, “Okay, then I will accompany you when the time comes.”

        When Stephanie heard this, she immediately cheered happily, “Great! Thank you brother Charlie wade! Love you!”

        Charlie wade said helplessly, “It’s just a little thing, there’s no need to thank me.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade said, “Right, Stephanie, you can ask around for me if there are any people who are close to the An family in this Chinese Chamber of Commerce, if there are, I will have to disguise myself a little bit so that there will be less trouble.”

        Stephanie was busy saying, “Then I’ll ask now!”

        Soon, Stephanie received a clear reply from that old friend of her father’s.

        Given the influence of the An family in the whole of North America, if there was someone in the a*sociation who was really close to the An family, then everyone would have been offering him up like a star in the moon.