The Real Dragon Chapter 4117

        After all, the two sides are so far apart.

        Trying to find an acquaintance of the An family in the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce was more difficult than finding Messi out of the national football team.

        Having received this news, Charlie wade had no more worries.

        However, the fact that he could not find Qiao Feiyun still made his heart not quite at ease.

        So, he specifically called Wan Breaking Jun and asked him to send someone to secretly protect Stephanie’s safety after she arrived in New York.

<<        ……

        On the other hand.

        After Stephanie confirmed that Charlie wade was willing to accompany her to that charity dinner, she immediately gave the news back to the other party.

        The president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Lu Sinian, was thrilled beyond words after receiving the news, and then immediately informed Flynn Hao Yang of the good news as well.

        Naturally, Flynn Hao Yang was overwhelmed with excitement.

        He really didn’t expect that the bait designed by Qiao qa would be so effective and had easily tricked Stephanie, the number one female singer in China, into coming in.

        He had someone call Qiao Feiyun to his study, and the first thing he said when they met was excitedly, “Feiyun! You’re a f*cking god! The big fish really took the bait with such ease!”

        Qiao Feiyun was slightly stunned, and then asked with an urgent look on his face, “Young Master Flynn, has Stephanie agreed to attend the charity dinner?”

        “Yes!” Flynn Hao Yang said excitedly, “After I told Lu Sinian of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce about the set of words you devised, Lu Sinian found someone to ask her about it and she quickly agreed.”

        Qiao Feiyun laughed, “Gee, that’s great! This way, we’ll have more than a week to properly design and devise what to do to Stephanie when the time comes!”

        Flynn Hao Yang looked at Qiao Feiyun and said admiringly, “Feiyun, you’ve got a brilliant mind, I thought this might be difficult and might even end up in a gun battle in the streets, but I never thought it would be so easy! You were born to do bad things!”

        Qiao Feiyun laughed and said modestly, “Young Master Flynn, this is still thanks to the inspiration you gave me, if it wasn’t for you, how would I dare to have such thoughts about Stephanie ……”

        Flynn Hao Yang laughed: “That’s how many things are, sometimes it’s not necessarily yourself that makes you go to the next level, but a more demanding client.”

        Qiao Feiyun nodded and nodded at the side, “Yes Young Master Flynn, you are the most demanding client, giving me the most impossible task, but I will do my best to help you take Stephanie down without a hitch!”

        “Good!” Flynn Hao Yang nodded and said with a smile, “Starting from these two days, you should study the overall layout of the Wangfu Hotel and see how to start with the highest success rate!”

        “No problem!” Qiao Feiyun said, “Young Master Flynn, you should ask for the design of the Wangfu Hotel for me to take a look at later, I will study it properly!”

        Flynn Hao Yang said without thinking, “I’ll call someone to prepare it out right away, do you need anything else?”

        Qiao Feiyun thought about it and said, “Let Stephanie mysteriously disappeared in the Wangfu Hotel, this kind of thing is the best thing to think of, or the Japanese ninjas are the best at it, and if the Japanese ninjas take action, they can also completely lead the outside world’s speculation in the wrong direction, there is a hundred advantages but no harm, so young master Flynn, you’d better gather the ninjas to New York as soon as possible, when the time comes, I will dock the details of the action with them! “